Dissolving the Stories ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

The New Divine Humanity


A Huge part of what you may refer to as your existence in a form on Planet Earth, is made up of aspects of consciousness, that you have identified with as your stories. The “this and that has happened or happening. Most of the stories, you have told yourself, are connected to the pain you have felt or experienced, which are the results of the belief in the story has been real. I am not challenging the realness of the experience of pain, I know all too well, the madness and craziness of attachment, and then its appeared separation. What I am speaking to you about, as I write, is “what you have told” yourself about the experiences. Those are the “stories” I am referring to.

The “you” that lost this or that. The you, that “had” this or that. The “you” that exists, within the story, and stories, you have…

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