Your Soul Being ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

The New Divine Humanity


Many of you, since September 27th, 2015, have experienced an intensifying of physical symptoms, as your body has adjusted to the higher frequencies of Light, in your now activated DNA, through your shift in consciousness.

This Activation and Shift in consciousness, continues, as your ever-expanding awareness, into the state of complete Limitless Being, the God ~ Being, that you Are.

This Shift in consciousness and Frequency, has been a process for many of you, throughout many incarnations on Planet Earth. This evolving, is allowing you, to be the Source Being (you can use any name you like, God, Angel, Soul) that you eternally Are, already.

This state of Being the God- You, is paving the way for many to experience these shifts, through greater Ease and Flow, which is the actualization of the Love that you Are, that is blessing others.

The dormant aspects, now coming to life within you…

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