Fully Embrace Fear as You Would Your Lover

Fully Embrace Fear as You Would Your Lover.

Included in this Post is a Process for releasing Fear consciously. My Presence is also with you in this writing as encoded Frequencies for You and your transformation.

Please read this fully ONCE before moving into the Process. Then choose a quiet place and time, giving yourself at least 15 minutes to complete the Process.

I will have a Beautiful Audio guiding your through this Sacred Process.

Will you step into the Unknown with me?

To the Deepest Darkest recesses of Your Mind?

The Place where all those unconscious Fear are hidden, the ones you avoided to feel deeply.

If I hold your hand are you willing? If my presence was with you would it be easier?

Well I am here with you. I feel you Now and all of you who will ever read this. Feel me with you.

Look deep into your own fears.

Imagine you are in the Arms of Your Lover..(maybe your favourite lover) in a Loving Pure Embrace.

A time when you felt fully embraced in the Presence of Love. Held in Eternity. These are moments. Remember a moment.

Feel yourself  fully present, Loved and filled with Passion..Stay there..


Take some Breaths. Slow Deep Breaths.

Stay there for a few minutes.

Fully Present, Feeling your Breath, Love and aware of Your Heart Space. I do mean your Physical Heart Area.

Focus. Relax, Breathe and Feel Deeply.

Breathing and focusing in on Your Heart Space..filling yourself with the awareness of Love.


Now I am with you.

Now Allow a recurring FEAR that you have avoided to face come up within your mental awareness.

WHILE staying focused on your Heart and Breath. Body still bathed in Love awareness.

Feel your Fear Deeply..if visions of the Worst case scenario show up – let it flow and FEEL Deeply your Fear – While Still Feeling your Breath, Your Heart Awareness and the Fear.

You are Feeling the Fear…maybe the physical responses in your Body..adrenaline…the breath may want to change. STAY Breathing consciously..slowly and Deeply AWARE of your Physical Heart Space.

Continue a little longer, Hold as long as you can.

Stay Present.


Now Please do this with One Major Fear at a time.

Observe The Level of Fear Prior to doing this and Afterwards. Fears RELEASE consciously through the Maintaining of Harmony and Love in the PRESENCE of Your Fears consciously.

Fears remain hidden in the Darkness of the Unknown till you consciously embrace them as You Would Your Lover.

More to come on this and a Beautiful Audio to walk  you through this. My presence fully with you as it is now also.

I love you!

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

The Queen of Light 

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  1. Excellent process to practice with, invaluable.

    Ultimately fear will hold one back from progress towards awakening from the dream. It can either be First or Last on ‘the path’. But must be dealt with.

    I love you Queen of Light xxxx

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