Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, November 28th, 2012.

Full Moon in Gemini with a  Lunar Eclipse, Wednesday November 28th, 2012. 10:47 am AST.

The Sun in Sagittarius opposes the Full Moon in Gemini.

The Full Moon in Gemini Brings a Stir of Mental Activity!  Be careful to Not get caught up in it.

The Lunar Eclipse in 6 degrees Gemini Stirs the Emotional Body with the Awareness moving swiftly to areas of Communication.

Main Area influenced by this intensity:

Communication; You Feeling Listened to.

Please NOTE it is all within YOU and Your Frequency.

Communicate with YOU, Know YOU.

Watch How YOU may go back and forth with desiring things a certain way and blaming others to HOW you hold your Focus on YOU within YOU.

Stay Focused within Your Heart Space.

The opposing Sun in Sagittarius may increase your Feeling of not Being Listened to.


Stay in Harmony!

The Energy of The Lunar Eclipse Adds to the Intensity! This is About you Staying in Harmony.

The Last New Moon was with the Solar Eclipse and a VERY powerful Frequency Shift.

How are you doing since then? Are you Monitoring your Frequency?

Many contact me and want to give up existence for many reasons.

The way of living is backwards on Planet Earth compared to the Way things work in The Universe.

BE in HARMONY and THEN all things will show up in a HARMONIOUS way.

Do not expect things to show up that MAKE you feel better, BECAUSE it is all FREQUENCY.

This is THE Universal Law!

Do you remember what crystals you programmed and for what on the New Moon?

Did you focus on Harmony and Staying Present within your Heart since the New Moon. Are you keeping Notes. Please do.

Now is the time to get that notebook out and review and make notes. Charge your Crystals under the Full Moon.

 Areas in your Life that your “Reality” does not match your ”Desires” usually stirs Up the Emotional Body. More so with this Full Moon with the Added Lunar Eclipse.

Please Allow yourself the Gift of Being in Harmony this Full Moon. It is VERY important to keep the emotional Body calm. When the emotional body is calm the mental body is also.

Staying in Harmony will allow you to  stay present and release with ease anything that does come up.

To help you during the time of the month when the Emotional Body  is more up and down I urge you to TAKE the time to listen to my Frequency Transmissions and Receive The Queen of Light Transmissions.

These Frequencies are Transmitted from the Central Sun through The Queen of Light. They Transform your DNA and Cellular Consciousness to Divine Union. Source Frequency.

The Links are Below.

Take time for you and acknowledge the Sacred  Gift of the Moon and the Natural Cycles in Your Life. I am sending all of You My Love Now and during the Full Moon. Allow yourself to receive this Unconditional Love and Grace from the Central Sun directly into Your Higher Heart and Blueprint Now with These Codes of Light.

I Hold you in Divine Love, Union and Harmony in Eternity.

Allow this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse be the Intensity that keeps you focused on Your Heart within.


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Have a Beautiful Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse!

I Love You.

In Divine Love, Ecstasy and Union.

The Queen of Light

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About The New Divine Humanity

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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