Twin Souls and Frequency

I dedicate this to a woman who recently became my Facebook friend. She has recently experienced her Twin Crossing over, you Know who you are as you read these words.  First of all I want to say I love you. He is with You now, and You are One. It has always been so. Although there appears a separation there is not. Your Heart each holds the Other as One and Your Soul is complete.

I have received more questions on Twin Souls recently. I will answer some of your Questions in this Blog.

I would like to make clear that you do not need to believe any of this. In Fact all “Beliefs” are going as part of the 5th Dimension Frequency.

So do not “Attempt” to believe, instead enter your Heart, and feel and Know your Truth.

Now many of you have been under the “belief” that if your twin is on earth you are most likely not going to meet. Some of you also have the “belief” that your Twin most likely is not on earth at the present earth time.

Because we are near the ending of this current earth cycle, and Now it is the year 2012, more Twins are on Earth and will be uniting with their Twin more than any other time during this 26,000 cycle.

If your Soul desires this Union for you, “it will be so”.

If You have long-held beliefs that no longer serve your awareness or your Desires you may want to change this.  You may enjoy adopting  a New up to date Mantra that matches the Frequencies coming and that match your True Soul and Heart Desires.

All is Yours Now, all that is, and has always been,  and forever will be.

It is all Frequency.

Since the Chances are Very High that  your Twin is on Earth, realize Your Frequency in Harmony with your Twin Soul Union is WHAT draws this to You.  Your  Reality then Shifts. It has to, all is Frequency.

Look at your Life circumstances with Great Love and Compassion. Recognize THEY are not You.

Simply Love them with the same  compassion  you would an injured child or animal.

You are Being Restored to Your Glory.

All is Shifting in Union and Harmony.

Your Frequency Focused  in Your Center Draws to YOU your Twin.

Your Blueprint Holds the Codes of your Union. These Codes will awaken and be Activated in your Blueprint. Once activated your Frequency makes it so.

So for now Know within your Very Own Heart, that all was provided for. You will not be left out. You by your CHOICE are being released from what appeared as “limitation” to step into your Limitless Self.

For Now enter your heart, feel the Love that is for you that never left. Know you are Loved.

In The perfect Union that Was and is in Eternity,

The Queen of Light


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I Love You All.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About The New Divine Humanity

Divine Initiator of the Divine Ascended Being Activation ~ The New Divine Humanity

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  1. Thankyou so much for this!!! Love you

  2. I was reborn due to my twin flame finding me.. I am her and she is me… very beautiful post!

  3. I have for some time, a long time now believe that he is my twin, when I never knew about soul mates or twin souls. Time stood still once and in my whole being believed he is my twin. Only thing is, he is involved with something that I don’t like at all. And, why so many problems between us. I felt that I almost lost him. See, I believe our connection was strong and powerful, then it felt like it was becoming weaker, which left me quite confused and very upset! I am still holding this anger in the back of my mind, and am very hurt by all this. It was perfect, everything was falling into place it seemed. Then years later, I can’t even go there….

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  5. Enlightening and a contemplation! Thank you


  7. Thank you Laura!! more then a year from this post, but is perfect for me to read. you say: You will not be left out, give strength to trust and love myself, and dont leave me again

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