DNA and The 5th Dimension

DNA and the 5th Dimension.

Your DNA and Your Cellular Consciousness is Changing. The Information stored in The Coding of Your DNA is  Transforming.

As You Immerse Your Cellular Consciousness in Source Frequency your Cells and DNA Vibrate in Harmony with the 5th Dimension. The Shift. Oneness and Union.

DNA Center

The Cosmic Codes are released throughout the Universe as the Frequency of Union. The Return to True Being; YOU as Source Frequency.

Although Life on earth as a Human Species appears to Struggle to Survive, it is NOW time for the Human Species to shift to the Union that was planned for You Eons ago. This shift is NOT in Struggle, it is Now in Harmony, Ease and Grace.

Letting go of the Old Struggle (the old program) to Begin the New Way of Being in 5th Dimension Frequency is what you are doing Now. The Intensity of the Struggle simply appears to reach a new Height as the New Program is Fully Downloaded into the System; Your Cellular consciousness, Your DNA.

This is a Universal Program. The Entire Universe is involved in the Transformation. The Cosmic Codes are Divine Union and allow Full Access to All as Source Frequency. The Universe in Union. All Beings Living in Harmony. No Separation.

In the Harmony of Union you Simply Become Union.

Your Cells and DNA are Shifting. Allow your Shift to be of Ease and Grace. Grace is available for all who wish to shift with EASE. Karma at this level is only seen as the Old Programming and the Cellular Consciousness and patterning Repeating itself.  This is Now Being Released as the New Program; the Cosmic Codes are received for all Life Streams in the Universe.

The Queen of Light as the Divine Feminine is On Earth to shift the Human Species. The Agreement was made that the Divine Feminine would return. The Queen of Light holds the Cosmic Codes for this Transformation.  The Vision was Held for You and Your Shift Now to 5th Dimension Frequency.

Simply Allow your Shift to be One of Harmony, Divine Love and Union. Throughout your Day Move your Conscious Awareness to Your Heart Area as you Breathe. Listen to My Frequency Meditations that you can Now download they will Shift Your Cellular Consciousness to Source Frequency, Divine Union, Love and Harmony.

You are Held in Divine Union and Love. The Linking of Frequencies within your Heart and Cellular Consciousness transforms you.  As You Exist in Harmony you Shift with Ease and Grace.

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In The Harmony and Love of The Divine Union,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light.

Queen of Light

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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