Frequency and Twin Flame Union

Many of you have searched for your Twin Flame;  some of you are Desiring to Experience This Union, and a few of you have found Your Twin Flame (Twin Soul). The joining is at the Monad level. You both carry the Same Soul Signature; are the Same Soul.

I am writing this on the New Moon in Leo, 2012.  This New Moon supports the Frequencies of Love in Romance and Twin Flame Union. Begin this Day to move closer in frequency to your Union, drawing to you The releasing of the Agreement from the Galactic Center of meeting with your Twin Flame during this current Existence.

There are some People on earth that may not experience this Union while in form as their Twin Soul is not incarnated on earth at this time. You Can Still experience the Closeness and Love in this existence with your Twin. As you merge in Your Union you move in awareness at your Soul Level in Harmony with your Twin Flame.

Your Union? Are you able to move deeply into the  frequency of your Union? Do you Live in the Present Moment. You can begin Now. This moment feel deeply within your own Being.

At Soul Level the Frequency of Your Twin Flame is already with you as the Same Soul Signature. As you move into the Union with your Soul you move into Harmony with your Twin Flame in the here and Now.  This is an eternal Union, the frequency is not in Duality. Union in Harmony in the Present Moment.

People call out to Angels and Beings. There is no greater support to your existence on Earth than your Twin Soul.

Have you called out in Love to your Twin Flame?

You can begin this Now. Speak and communicate as if they are with you now. At Soul level they are.

The Frequency you carry when you are in Harmony resonates at the Soul level with your Signature; your Original Blueprint.

Move into the Frequency of Your Heart. Stay in Union with Your Center. Call out in LOVE to your Twin Flame this New Moon in Leo, which supports the frequency of Your Union. New moons are New beginnings.

Love to all of You in the Perfect Union and to all of you and Your Twin Flame Reunion.


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Love in The Divine Union Of Harmony in the Eternal Oneness,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light


copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012

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  1. Laura , Wonderful and informative ! With no greater support than to call the twin soul signature! Sending Great Love and Frequency of Love to YOU and all your work !

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