Lucid Dreams and Union

I am often asked about Dreams and Lucid Dreams by my students. There are many levels to all of this. It would take at least one book to write it all out. So touching on the subject briefly here, I will outline the different topics around the potentials of advancement and Union through the Sleep and Dream State. If you find this highly interesting please post a comment. The topics I write about are based on the questions  I receive from YOU and my students.

Dreams and the Process of Dream recall is the very first step to master the ability to move into Lucid Dreaming. You know what this means! Yes, writing. Take out your journal or get one of those inexpensive notebooks to have by your bed. Even if you jot down notes immediately it will help you later to add to your iPod, notebook or computer.

When you master the ability to stay focused as you wake up and remember  your dreams and go to sleep with the conscious intent of remembering them, your ability to become More Conscious will increase.

Ask yourself what is the difference between conscious daytime, sleeping, dreams and lucid dreams?

The differences are levels of conscious awareness and your brain FREQUENCY. You have all heard of the Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta brain waves, they are frequencies.It is possible to move THROUGH your DAY and NIGHT with the same level of frequency and awareness.  I said Possible.

What would that entail?

When you BECOME awake and Alert and Present during your day, you function at a Different Brain WAVE Frequency than when you are in normal brain thinking type A personality Beta brain waves. Around the age of 8 you switched from Alpha to Beta. Beta being the dominant active thinking way of being in Mass consciousness.

Ok if you are following me so far;  if you were to stay in Alpha or maybe even deeper during the day, you would be able to eventually stay in Alpha and deeper Theta and Delta during sleep and during your day.

Ok you may be wondering why I have not mentioned Lucid Dreaming.  Lucid dreaming is BEING awake during the Nighttime and is Conscious Awareness. The fastest way to being LUCID at Night is to be Lucid during your  DAY.

Recognize that Present Moment Awareness  is the Frequency of experiencing the “AWAKE LUCID” way of Being.

It is all a dream my friend, and HOPEFULLY for you all LUCID. You actually may be Conscious of it All. You are  The Creator of your resonant frequency.

This is a practise and in this practise there are Levels. Please note I am not here to convince you of anything. Test these things out. Practise being present, practise staying focused on your intent to be awake and remember.

Love to you All and Diamond Light Frequencies.

I will write more on Dreams and Practises that may help you to stay More present and focused.



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  1. I get you. I like your explanation. I’m at the place where my dreamstate and my wake state inter-mingle and I lose track of time. I admit I’m somewhat wanting to stay where the colors are tasty and the people fly….but then the alarm sounds. At first, when I “came back”, I would get depressed, but now I know I can “go there” anytime I want so I don’t fret anymore. My name is even different “there”!

  2. Love to you Sarah!! Thank you for your comment!

  3. That is the energy waking you, your energy becoming aware of energy, your Subtle body awareness developing.
    Thank you John for you comments!
    Love to you!

  4. Laura ,
    Wonderful presentation!
    It seems sometimes I am awaken in the middle of the night usually 3:00- 4:00 a.m. range and am visited by spirits or beings. It seems I am fully awake and my mind is still and am awake enough to acknowledge movement if I choose to do so . The stillness seems to be the key part to this.. What do you think about this ?

  5. Thanks Laura,
    Great Piece. Sounds very familiar to what I know to be a “waking vision”.
    Sarah :0)

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