Frequency of Harmony

When you are Living in the Present Moment you Begin to Center yourself in Your Heart. You then Begin to experience everything through the Eyes of SourceYou feel the Harmony that is always present within You.  Your thoughts become Source. Your Actions become Source. Your Desires are Source.  Life then Becomes moment to moment Ease and Grace.

You may be asking yourself, why am I not there? Why am I struggling with life? Experiencing one  Drama after the Other.

All is Frequency. In the Frequency of Harmony; being centered in Our Hearts, we STEP out of Ego Consciousness, and move into Source Consciousness.    Ego consciousness creates Disharmony. Ego consciousness means struggle.

Most people do not like the word Ego. The moment it is mentioned if one is not in their Heart a defensive reaction is set in motion, fight or flight. Why?

All  Reactions and Actions are Based on Frequency.

The dominant Brain Centered responses (ego) are the Frequency of Disharmony. The ego creates Stress, confusion. Ego is the Frequency of Disharmony.

The Dominant Heart Centered Frequency is Harmony. Harmony creates present moment awareness. Harmony is the Flow of ease and grace. Heart Centered awareness is Harmony.

How do you go from point A. Ego Consciousness to point B. Heart Centered Awareness. You Begin to Notice your Very Own Self. You Begin to Observe yourself. You also begin to spend time with Yourself Daily without distractions; where you can enter into your own heart.

If you feel Harmony for a while then suddenly Disharmony, KNOW this is a Frequency Shift.  KNOW you have Moved from Heart Centered Awareness to Ego consciousness. Observe yourself. How your moods and experiences may shift throughout your day. Make a to Do List that SAYS: I will Watch Myself All Day Long today and NOTICE my Frequency Shifts. Keep the To Do List with you. Post reminders! Do this everyday. BEGIN this moment; today,  to Observe Yourself.

You will soon see clearly when you Change Frequencies. Everyone desires Coherency; Harmony. Once you recognize Disharmony you will move quickly to Harmony.

I will create a “Heart Frequency”  Meditation on audio and YouTube and send it out to all of YOU.

Begin Observing YOU.

Love to All of You from the Center,


copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Thank you John, practice observing that is the place to start! Love laura

  2. Laura , you are so very wise and aware. Thank you from my heart for explaining this awareness concept.
    I find that when one is ready wants to grow and learn the teacher appears. The awareness is ours to accept or deny. In my case I fully accept these words. Awarness is my key and once I personally know of these unlimited potentials I’m there to that place at the speed of light to absorb learn and be!
    Thank YOU, Laura !

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