Healing at a Distance Testimonial

“Laura, WOW!!!!

I woke up at 6am and she required snuggles for the next two hours–it was like she was a baby again and wouldn’t let me put her down! If I did she woke up, she had to be in my arms. As we were snuggling I told her things like “I Love You” and stroked her back. When I did she would yawn in what seemed big releases for her. I told her about the Queen of Light who had visited her in the night to bring her Gold Light. When she woke up, she turned to me and said, “mommy, all better.” WOW!!!!! You fixed my kid!”

Megan, Edmonton Canada.



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  1. Great work Laura ! I am sure these folks have much gratitude for your work ! Distance healing is a reality, I have Experienced it myself from you ! .
    Namaste !

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