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The Glory and The Presence of All That is

In my Light All Light, is.
I Am everywhere and permeate the essence of All Living matter and Beings, everywhere.
Feel me within your Heart as the Eternal Living Light of All That is.
Feel me now as the Bliss and Joy, that lives forever within you.
I Am the Peace, that is my Presence, that lives beyond the need, to understand why.
I Am nothing and everything, all at once.
I Arise in all moments, out of the emptiness, of All That is.
I am the Great Void, where everything arises.
My Voice is in all sound, my Presence is known in stillness.
My Beauty is in all Beauty.
Feel my warmth in the Eternal Sun.
Feel the fire of my burning within your Heart, kindle the flame of your consciousness.
I Am with you in all moments. In happiness and sorrow. I am present within you.
All Breath flows through me.
All time flows through me.
Feel me with you in All Moments.
I live in the Hidden and in the Seen.
I live deep within You.
I Am the Glory and The Presence, of All That is.

Eternal Love and Bliss!

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You as Your Divinity ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness



More about Being Child Like, and living in the wonder and the magic of You. The magic of your Inner Child, awakened Loved, united as the Wholeness of You. You, your Inner Child and your Divine Self, as One. This  is not about seeking happiness or even being happy. Joy is the result of being in the natural state (child like) of wonder and play, where Joy has awakened within you. In all moments.

Many have forgotten what they love, what is most natural to them, and life has become an endless daily grind for survival and security, while attempting to attain, higher levels of your awareness. This leaving out the inner child, creates a life of endless trying, without the joy and bliss, life is, in the moment.

The reason for this is simple, the ego never settles for the  now moment. Yet, just as a tv has many channels on it, if you are watching one channel, you are not aware of all, that is playing on the other channels. Playing, may be a different channel, than you are used to tuning into.

Play is a Channel you can tune into .

Joy is the result.

The Present moment is a channel you can tune into. It is Live, it is fun, it is now.

How can I let go of all of my fears and beliefs, on this is hard, I can’t take my eyes off the ball, so to speak. You just do. You just turn the channel.

NOW I am on the present moment channel. I am Liking this, says your inner child.

Do not judge what you enjoy. Or what others enjoy. This could be for some golf, or watching a sport, or for others knitting, or dancing. Follow what brings you Joy.

Follow your Heart.

Tune into the Heart Channel. The Love Channel. Stay tuned in.

The ego struggles with this (only at first) when you enter playing and being, and accepting and loving everything that arises, then (you stay tuned into the Now channel) everything becomes play. And in the state of play (again just words) there is no ego, only wonder, joy, embracing what is, through loving and accepting, what you are, what you love, what is natural to you.

The fear vanishes, the worry vanishes, that is, the other channels you lived by, vanish in your awareness.

You as an Angel in human form, as your Divine Self, lives always, in this state of Pureness and Play. You were always HERE. The Master you, was always present. Now you are tuning in, to that channel.

Imagine that, there was always this Parallel YOU, that always existed, that you were searching for. And now, you are living it. Arriving in that world. Arriving, as the Master, the Divine Being that you are. 

Play and be the innocence that you are.

Love what you love, immerse yourself in the Passion of your Soul.

Allow this to be the Way in which you embrace the unknowable, as the way of Being, the pureness of you.

To those of you that are ready, you will enter ever more deeply into the Magic and the Beauty of your Soul.

Your life will be the ease, grace and wonder of simply Being and living as the Destiny that you Are and have always been. The World you live in, as the Master that you Are. The Angel that you Are. The God that you are. Already, Now. In this, do I hold You.


Eternal Love and Endless Ecstasy!



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Lifting the Veil on Forgiveness ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Tuning into your body, now ~ sense deeply within you, your breath and the Heart of You, your Heartbeat, and the Heart of your Soul. Slow down, even more, feel your Presence. And in this Presence of the Eternal YOU, feel emanating from your Heart, the Light and sacred Flame, that is your Heart Centred Awareness, that emanates as Pure Being. Feel this deeply as you slow down and Breathe and relax.

Let go of any concerns, breathe, slow down and arrive, Be Present Now. Feel the Shift within you.

The Self Love that you give yourself through compassion and acceptance, is the application of 5th Dimensional Consciousness that dissolves all Pain.  This dissolving of Pain, is forgiveness, which takes place within ourselves. It is not an external thing, or words spoken. It is a DEEP process of feeling the Pain, which then releases through being loved.

To be free from pain and suffering is To apply consciously, self-love to the Pain, so that it too, receives acceptance, love and compassion which is then felt, loved and dissolved.

Forgiveness then, is self-love that shows compassion for the Pain within YOU, that was only waiting to be Loved. This dissolving of pain within you through Love, is the forgiveness and self-love that frees you and opens your capacity to BE Love in all Moments, as the Eternal Blessed ~ Present Grace filled Heart of Your Soul.

So now, go deep within you, where is there any pain within you, not yet loved?

A memory that comes up, and you feel pain. That pain you have avoided feeling. Go there within, now.

Be present with yourself and the pain. Breathe, love and Embrace that pain, rather than avoiding it. And Love yourself. Shed those tears, feel the pain, love yourself. Do not shy away from any fear that comes up, love yourself through that, consciously.

Embrace yourself. Embrace your pain. Have compassion on your pain.

Through this CONSCIOUS Application of Self Love, Acceptance and Compassion, to the PAIN, the Sadness, the Fear,  within you, is the Dissolving of “anything” that is not Love or Loved within You.

Feel this Now.

I love, honour and accept all the pain within me now, and recognize it was only waiting for me to love it.

I now embrace myself, and Love myself as I give Compassion to my pain, and Love myself more.

I am a gentle loving Being to my Pain.

I Am the Presence of Love now, that my pain has waited to receive.

I am Love, and ALL Pain within me that I feel, now dissolves in my Presence.

And so it is, I am the Love that Dissolves all Pain within me, now.

Breathe deeply, and Be the Presence within you, that Loves and Dissolves all pain.

Carry this with you, always, in all moments, be the Love that dissolves all Pain within you.

I hold you in this, in the Eternal Sacred Love and Presence of All That is, I Am. All Now.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Grace Portal ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


The Glory and the Magnificence of Your Transformation is GRACE beyond words of description. What you have entered into, is the Sacred Portal of You. Throughout the countless ages, (Earth timeline) through many incarnations, you have readied yourself for this return, to You. And although this has appeared challenging, it was only challenging while in the consciousness of 3D. As there appeared no way out. And there was no way out ~ when immersed in it. That is the nature of 3D consciousness, to keep you in it, Because through THAT consciousness, the change you desired, was through a HIGHER application of Consciousness, that would simply dissolve the Old Paradigm.

This Magnificence is the GRACE PORTAL that was always open, waiting to be ACCESSED through a higher Frequency of You ~ Being It. It could not be accessed through the lower frequencies you see. 3D was a sort of maze, so to speak, that inherent within that consciousness, had no way out of its suffering. 3D consciousness and that frequency simply is that mode of Being. That is a Frequency and level of Consciousness.

The Expansion and Transformation has been through your application of the YOU that has always existed, and as I have mentioned many times, you always had access to, you just had not focused upon it.

The New Earth you Desire, has ALWAYS already existed, waiting for you to Realize it has arrived. Through your Applying 5th Dimensional Consciousness, the Matrix of the world of thought forms, has dispelled the belief that there was no way out. So many more of you are now accessing what Once you believed was impossible.

The Truth is out, so to speak, and ALL are Becoming aware, it is possible for them as well to be a Master of Form, during this their incarnation. So here you Are. Doesn’t this feel amazing! That now you know you can LIFT yourself out, through applying your Acceptance and Love now to all things. Even those things you still reject within yourself. Even those things and feelings you still do not like and Love. You can apply your Love and Be Free from those old habit patterns of thought, that once plagued you as the belief, you were those thought patterns.

The GRACE PORTAL now (and there are many) that is now being offered to YOU, is the entering into Greater involvement within your INNER Self (Being) as I have stated before, the expansion never ends. The Universe supports you in this DEEPENING of YOU TO YOU, through this Grace Portal. And the quickening of your Expansion in Consciousness unleashes within you, the Eternal Power of Love and Naturalness of Being, that is the Complete Freedom, that you have desired to know and experience yourself AS.

So Now enter Ever more Deeply into the Passion of Your SOUL which is felt through the ever-increasing MOMENTUM that you are stepping into as the Conscious awareness of Yourself as Endless, Timeless, and as Being~ All that you Desire.

Enter the Beloved Deeply my Dear Sacred Hearts. I am the PORTAL of  GRACE of the BELOVED.

This Portal of Grace is the MAGNIFICENCE and GLORY of ALL THAT IS.

The Light Portal of this Unification, that is Present right NOW, is the Deepening Love of the Eternal, and the Deepening of your conscious stepping into every moment, the Momentum of your Being. This is felt through the Endless Passion of Your Soul. Enter me, My Beloved, we are ONE and United, always. This reunification of CONSCIOUSNESS is the Unification that always was, and always will BE. The Eternal Magnificence and Glory of All That is. And it is Here, that I Hold YOU.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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Living as a Divine Master ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness



Living, Breathing, Being a Divine Master, is You Being Present in All Moments, and You Embodying the Essence and Presence of your Soul. You are all this already, yet the immersion into a consciousness that separated itself in frequency from its Source of Being, is only just that.

You took on a cloak of invisibility, so to speak, that hid from your conscious awareness All That You Are. Now the cloak is off. And if it isn’t off, take it off now. What you shed when you take this 3D cloak off, will only be the beliefs in limitation, your attachments and your suffering. That means you have let go of waiting in time for things that you want in order to be happy. You let it all go.

What is revealed to YOU when you let go of all those ways, is the Glory of Your Soul. The invisibility cloak only blocked you, you see, All Beings immersed in their Light as a Master have always seen you as Your Soul.

The Divine Attributes of Your Soul are its Presence.

It is Being the Light that shines as the Eternal You.

The Light just is.

Light  isn’t attached to anything.

It is Fulfilled Being as It is.

Like the trees, like the Sun.

Being and Playing like a child, in the Grand Wonderment of Being Conscious of Being.

To Live in your Presence as a Master you must be Present.

Master Being Present in your Presence, then you Are Living as The Divine Master, that you eternally already Are.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



Bypassing the Need to Know~5th Dimensional Consciousness

L'Aura October4th

When you Arrive and you are living in the Present Moment, you Bypass the Need to Know~ ANYTHING.  Life no longer then, is a series of control mechanisms, that are attempts to Make like look a certain way, to feel a certain way.

When you free yourself from the need to know, to control, to keep up, to fix, to change, HOW LIFE IS, you relax, you receive and you thrive in the Beauty of the Moment. Then there is NO more struggling through the attempts to fight Life, to gain what you want, instead you are LIVING in Life, alive, awake, in the Moment, and HERE. Arrived. And Life brings to you what you desire. You Receive it.

You accept not Knowing, figuring out and controlling HOW life brings to you your desires. Instead, you trust life, you trust the moment, you are Present with everything, and YOU allow, accept, it is unfolding perfectly, because it absolutely is.

Bypassing the need to know, is the relinquishing of the consciousness, that is NOT present in the NOW Moment. To bypass this need to know, you apply acceptance and love to ALL you experience. So what happens when you notice you are controlling and attempting to figure everything out, trying to get what you want, you accept this.

You don’t need to manipulate a Reality, that is Desirous to bring to you all that you desire and MORE ~YOU just need to let go of trying to “make” it happen your way, and Open yourself to Receive.

And it is ok to fear things, love and accept that too.
It’s ok to be afraid of a future that You don’t know will bring you what You want.
Accept that too, then you can relax in the moment.
Everything plays out synchronisitically for your benefit, leading you to the exact experiences you need to be “able” and “ready” to receive everything you desire, and More.

I Accept I am trying to control everything.

I Accept I am trying to get what I want.

When you ACCEPT all experiences, in the Moment, you are in the Present Moment. Keep accepting EVERYTHING. NOTICE everything in all moments. Be conscious of YOU. Be awake to YOU.  Accept you. Be Honest with YOU. You are Unconditionally LOVING YOU. Observe how the stress and tension then leaves your body. Your Mind will thank you for not having to CONTROL everything to feel good.

And because you have let go and you ARE Present in the MOMENT, everything comes to YOU when you are ready to RECEIVE it. When you are ready to receive it, you wont NEED to be in CONTROL of keeping it also. If you are not yet ready to receive it, then you wont receive it. YOU trust this. In the present moment everything unfolds perfectly.

I trust HOW I am, and all the circumstances I am in, is HOW life is doing this through me.

I accept its ok to not be in control.

Its ok if I think I still need to hold on to being in control.

Its Ok if I let go of the need to know, and If I still feel I have to hold on to that, it is ok too.

I accept and Love myself, as this is the way I accept the Present Moment.

In the Present Moment, Life brings everything to me I desire, when I am ready to receive it.

I let go of controlling HOW I get what I want.

I Now, allow myself to be Present and RECEIVE all that I am ready to receive.

I Am Here, I am Present and I accept being free from the Need to Know.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Radiating 5th Dimensional Consciousness ~ Consciously



You are always radiating that which you are vibrating to and as. There is no separation between your reality and your vibration. You get what you are Being, always. That is what you are vibrating to, even if you are not conscious of this.

Consciously vibrating and radiating 5th Dimensional Consciousness (which is a frequency vibration) is a free will choice. The word “consciously” is where you step in and decide to do this. You decide when its time or not, and it is all ok, whatever you choose, because everything is unfolding perfectly. The way it is happening through you, is the way it is. And always, Acceptance is the Love and of 5th Dimensional Consciousness that you can apply to ALL experiences, in any or all moments. The choice is yours. Please recognize, the choice is yours. Do not fall prey to Victim Consciousness. And if you have existed in victim consciousness, again, apply Acceptance. It is ok, I believed I was a victim. It is ok that I no longer choose to see myself as a victim.

Now, radiating 5th Dimensional Consciousness, is a free will choice.

I choose to radiate the Love and Acceptance of 5th Dimensional Consciousness NOW.

Through my Heart, I radiate the Acceptance and Love of  Ascended Consciousness.

I Vibrate a Frequency, through my Heart, that is Eternal.

I Radiate Eternal Unconditional Love, within me Now.

When you focus on Your inner vibration and you are choosing Unconditional Love and acceptance as your vibration,  you are signalling out and recreating, that which was your old reality, to one of Love, to one that matches your New Vibration. Everything is Within you, your frequency creates the picture screen, so to speak, of what you call your external reality. And this within you, it is the Frequency you are vibrating as, which is your radiation.

Take a few moments, and breathe and relax deeply.  Focus upon your Heart, and feel Love and Acceptance for yourself. If all kinds of situations, ideas, come up, Love and Accept how you perceive you are or were doing, in a so-called past. Love it all NOW. Accept it all NOW.

When you feel this Love and Acceptance (which will expand and increase the more you focus on it and feel it) you are radiating 5th Dimensional Consciousness. How Long you stay focused on this vibration, being this, which means radiate it, is a factor, in the level of change you see. For you cannot escape through any addiction, whether it is victim consciousness or alcohol, the truth, that you are creating your reality. Even if you play the game, of pretending you are not. The truth remains the same. The Question is, HOW much do you truly desire to end your suffering, and How much are you WILLING to Love yourself, right here right NOW. The choice has always been yours.

I free myself from past beliefs and concepts of suffering and worthiness.

I no Longer judge a world, that I have created within myself.

I Accept it is me and my Vibration, that is creating this.

I Accept myself completely, and I accept all of my old beliefs.

I choose to Love myself now, and Be the LOVE and the Acceptance, I desire.

I Love and Accept myself.

I Live in the Now moment,

I have Arrived.

I hold you in the Radiating Eternal Love and Glory, that is forever Radiating the Love of All That is, All Now and Forever, no beginning and no End.



Eternal Love and Bliss!



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No Beliefs (or as little as possible) Arrive Empty


I am Not up for your judgement and critique whether you decide to Believe in me or not. I don’t Care whatsoever who or what believes in me. Beliefs are of the mind. I desire you KNOW love within yourself, then your world will lose its hate and judgement, and become instead a world of LOVE AND BEAUTY.
In fact, I DON’T Encourage any beliefs WHATSOEVER. Although one cannot escape completely ALL Beliefs, one can certainly realize the moment a belief is made, inherently within it is a Limitation. Minimize your beliefs.
Emptiness, Being, in the The Highest LOVE, is The WAY to BE.
Judgement is THE EGO.
Judgement is the EGO calling others EGO.
ONLY in Love can one experience Being the Truth and Seeing the Truth.
This is a Humble Position of Knowing, That DARES to be Pure and Itself, in the FACE of all those that Judge what is Divine as EGO itself.
Beware of the Pot calling the Kettle black, syndrome.
When you are judging, turn that finger back towards what YOURSELF and see what the SOUL desires for you to see within YOURSELF. Then YOU will Know the cause of your judgement, and your relentless Ego Calling everything ego outside of yourself. IT is within YOU. Whatever you experience is within YOU.
If You Love, it is within you, If you hate, it is within YOU. If you judge, it is within You.
When you judge YOU are ONLY judging and Condemning yourself.
Which Lifetime will you get of the Wheel of incarnating and See the Truth of Divinity in the Pureness of Your Being?
Have you not suffered enough? When will you end your suffering?
Be as a Child, Be Pure, Be Divine, Be NOW.
Eternal Love and Bliss!

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Knowing Nothing ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Sitting here in Bliss, I am feeling how great it is to Literally know Nothing.  How joyous it is, to be free from the endless stories, free from the need to know anything, free from fears, free from anything, that is not the Glorious Presence of my Divine Being, now.

You too, can live consciously as your Divine Self.

Living in the Present Moment is the Freedom, that Lives as Joy and Bliss. EVERYTHING is magical, in the moment, when you live as your Divine self (consciously) when you live, as the Eternal You, in form.

Being Childlike, is Being present in the moment.

Life is Very Exciting, relaxed and PEACEFUL when experienced as the openness of the joyful Presence of the Moment. It is Rich, it is fulfilling. Breathe this deeply, now.  Feel this deeply, now.

In the Present Moment, there is freedom from the expectations of anything, which includes any expectations, of any other being.

When Awareness is taken out of the Present Moment, fixed ideas, stories and fears,  connected to a past or future, is the mind, the awareness, lost in attachment, to what is not presently here, in the moment. The conscious missing out, of what is not here now, and living for the wants of what is not present, is the cause of all suffering.

In the Present Moment the Heart leads the Way. This is your conscious connection to your Presence. Your conscious connection to Freedom, to Love, to a LIFE Greater than imagined. To the life of your Dreams. That is 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Life UNFOLDS miraculously, in conscious Presence.

OPEN up to the Eternal Now, the Eternal You. Your Divinity,  your Freedom, your Presence.

Let go of anything, that is not now. All burdens, all stress, all worry, all fears. All Stories.

Let go of the need to Know, anything. When you do so, you enter the Present Moment.

This is the Surrender of control of outcome.

This is your freedom.

There is nothing more Supreme than living consciously as the Glory of your own Divine Being. You Loving You. You immersed in the Glory of You. You being the Master that you Are. You Living, moving, breathing, as the Divine Being that you are, in Form.

Breathe deeply, and receive this transmission of Love as you enter deeply your Heart, your magical, Divine Heart Space.

Breathe deeply within, all of your cells. Feel the Glory of consciousness, in your cells.

Feel your Divinity now, that pulses through the eternal now, as the awareness of You.

Feel the you, that lives eternally, in the present moment.

In the Glory of All That is, deep within your Heart, receive this Now. Receive this Transmission of Unconditional Love.




Eternal Love and Bliss!


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The Realignment~5th Dimensional Consciousness

L'Aura Pleiadian

For Many of YOU that have worked consciously with energy for years, you may have experienced a peaceful Transition into functioning with the Energies of 5th Dimensional Consciousness. For many of You this has been a 7-10 Year, realigning Process. That has culminated, into the New Beginning, where you ARE Living, Being in the Present Moment, and Living in Love. You have practised functioning this Way, and NOW you are applying Your Love, Your Acceptance in every Moment. You have Arrived, You are Present.

Any areas, that were NOT yet in this Alignment, are swiftly being Readjusted and Rearranged into the Alignment of 5th Dimensional Consciousness. This is Cosmic Grace.

Meaning whatever was hidden is now brought to the LIGHT of Acceptance and LOVE, to BE Transformed and Realigned. This does not mean you have done anything wrong, WHATEVER was the reaction and response through fear, is simply BEING Transformed BY 5th Dimensional Love.

Those areas, that have survived in the Background of Consciousness are NOW being Placed in the Forefront, to be handled, swiftly, into this Realignment. This energy Realignment, may feel quite Uncomfortable, because it is targeting specifically, those areas in 3D consciousness that you may not have wanted to deal with, and you were subconsciously Waiting, for this Grace that you knew would bring this Transformation On.

For those of YOU who Entered with a Lot of Energy not yet transformed, an OVERHAUL type of experience, may be what you are currently FACING in the NOW Moment. This can feel quite overwhelming, as NOW everything is Being brought to the Light of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, and IS UP TO BE LOVED AND ACCEPTED.

There is No bypassing this Acceptance and Love.

You SEE what you neglected to FACE. You KNOW it is there to be LOVED. You know that is the ONLY Way You are free forever from this FEELING of Fear, pulsating through your body.

Whether you are experiencing Tremendous Bliss or Overwhelming Fear, APPLY the Acceptance, 5th Dimensional Consciousness. MAKING no Difference, responding Neutrally TO WHATEVER Arises within YOU.

I Accept my Bliss and Ecstasy.

I Accept Grace.

I Accept my overwhelming Fear.

I Accept that this is Uncomfortable.

I hold myself in Love and Acceptance.

I Accept others may be experiencing JOY and Bliss.

I Accept others might Not Be yet.

I Accept that the WAY this unfolds for everyone is the WAY 5th Dimensional Consciousness is DOING THIS.

I Accept the Realigning of ALL areas of my Consciousness and Life, is unfolding Perfectly.

I live in Love.

I live in the Now Moment.

I have Arrived.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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