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Forever Love ~ My Love

You are the Love That ~ I feel.

You are the Glory That ~ I see.

You are the Ecstasy That ~ breathes me.

Your Heart is the Heaven that is the home ~ that always is….and has always been.

That Knows no separation from what it is, in its wholeness.

As the One True Love ~ that knows itself as that.

That recognizes its wholeness as its home ~ through EACH OTHER.

As the Pure Love, that only exists ~ AS THAT.

Forever Heaven ~ IT IS my love.

Forever Home ~ YOU Are.

Forever Love ~ MY Love….

And so IT IS…..

My ~ FOREVER Love.



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You Saw me and I Awakened ~ My Beloved

You Saw me and I Awakened ~ my Beloved.

You held me gently and I no longer felt alone.

You breathed me into your Heart and I remembered eternity ~ through You.

You caressed me and I Beheld a Glorious Flame that was Ignited within  our Hearts ~ that is forever Ours.

You loved me and I knew there never was a beginning or end to US.

Our Hearts merged and everywhere I went I saw only You.

Our Bodies, Heart and Soul became One and I knew all things had lived forever within Us.

We breathed each other as One and we Became our Heaven on Earth.














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The Glorious Light that You Are ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


The Light that you ARE is increasing in every moment.

You are expanding in consciousness every moment.

Your vibration is increasing every moment. Through tears of joy, as you celebrate, more and more of the Divine You. Your Presence. Your Divinity. Your God Self. Through your love.

A Love that is so pure, it is eternal. And only knows itself as LOVE.

Even those moments where you feel you have lost the conscious connection, you are increasing in frequency vibration.

Those moments that you feel separated are moments where you have focused on the external. Looking to the external for your love. For your appreciation. For the acknowledgment you desire. You simply forgot, to not look to the Source of YOU. The Source of Love, within you.

You will see, HOW All Moments have been perfect and Glorious. You will SEE them through the eyes of  Light. Eyes of Glory. Your Heart aflame with Love.

The Magnificent magical Light, that not only light the way. But LIGHTS your Heart so Brightly that it shines throughout eternity. Glimmering here, yet glowing FOREVER.

When you look upon your many lives, through this magical VIEW of the Glorious reality, as it is, you will KNOW that you were always loved. Always acknowledged, always, LIVING in the true Dream.

The true dream of YOU.

For in your HEART is the magical kingdom of Love that opens and unlocks any sealed door. That opens you to more of the true YOU.

This magical YOU with the freedom to enter all areas of this magnificent love, is always present.

Within you, within your heart.

Filled with all the fulfillment you have ever desired.

It is the SOURCE of Love, within you.

Your thoughts and feelings may merge fully with this love.

As you Divinely enter into the momentous awakening of the Glory of you.

This Love and Beauty is Glorious.

To behold you, is to be fulfilled.

To behold the true you. That does not exist in time. The YOU that is eternal, that is also here in what appears as time.

The unfolding of this Profound LOVE and awakening to the TRUE You is magical beyond your wildest dreams.

The Bliss and ecstasy so profound.

The LOVE so complete.

The GLORY so much more than can now be imagined.

And yet, NOW you are Here. You are present. Even if you are unaware. You will always be YOU. The Beautiful GLORIOUS you.

The Celebration, the Glory, awaits you fully, as your perfect fulfillment. In all ways. In this Glorious Light that is so PERFECT, as it unfolds, through you.

Now, feel and receive, MORE and MORE of this UNION within you.

ALL now, Beloved Angels. In perfect Divine LOVE which is the endless stream of LIGHT. Of ALL That is. NOW. I love you!




Destination Unknown ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Life is really that. Destination unknown.

When entering into the great depths of love, of being in love, of pure abandonment through the passion of the Soul, we enter the Great unknown.

This is the space to exist in.

Pure Abandonment, pure ecstasy, pure love and pure Heaven.

All of it in every moment. In the Sacredness of Union with the Beloved, this eternal state of Being the passion of the Soul, is natural with every breath.

Uniting with the eternal moment, every moment, is the mystical space of deep transformation.

Taken to the underworld (the subconscious) embracing and being free from fear, is the ultimate in freedom. It is the knowingness that you exist as this surrender. This is the space where Heaven resides within you.

It is the unknown.

Endless passion I live as, in the darkness and the light.

Embracing all moments as Holy through the breath, no matter how much fear may arise and no matter how the external looks to you.

This is the eternal abiding in the Heart.

The eternal freedom as your Soul.

It is the ecstasy that cannot be described.

It is everything to feel, to live and die for. As it is everything.

This state of Being of Love, frees your from the chains of time.

Entering this state with a Divine Partner (often called a Twin Flame on Earth) is a synergy that loosens the consciousness of both partners into the realms of the unspeakable unknown ecstatic states. That frees you from any limitation.

This is an immensity and an intensity.

The joining of two Hearts filled with the love and ecstasy of the Universe, pulsating through the breath, becoming literally One.

The rendezvous with eternal union.

Finally meeting up, in awareness.

The unknown destination of the Soul.  Having its way with you, through complete abandonment to love and deep passionate surrender.


Eternal Passion and Endless Bliss!



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Love, Valentines Day and Dreams Fulfilled


Celebration of Love, Celebration of Being. Being in love. Living the Life of your Dreams. Deep in the Heart of every Being is the living Dream, of Love, that is your Destiny.

Ruined plans, sudden changes, relationships ending, all of this, also is part of being in planet Earth. Yet, these things that appear gone ‘awry” is truly your Soul leading you, to that original Dream. That original Dream, is part of your Blueprint, is part of your Incarnation plan.

It may appear as a Destination. Yet, on the way, through the journey, you receive, sometimes even more so, during the difficult times, the transformation, the growth within your consciousness, that helps you to see and Know and be ready for, the Living the Life of your Dreams.

When we think we want something, and it does not occur, it simply is, was a stepping stone, in awareness, to that Dream Come True.

The Living reality of Being in your Divine Presence, as your Divine Presence Being.

You may wonder, why I am bringing in your Divinity, in a life on Earth that is the life of Your Dreams. Because, the power behind what occurs, is your Divine Soul, your Blueprint, your incarnation plan.

As you may have noticed, trying to make things happen, although may occur on one level, really does not guarantee, or bring you the happiness, the joy, the life of your Dreams, no matter how much you have attempted to manifest or imagine it.

After all, is your Will completely in control? Or is it really, the steering wheel, that once it is going in the Aligned Direction, miracles do occur, guiding you all the way home to the life of your Dreams, the life your Soul Planned for You, when you aligned with it.

Now, in no time all exists now. So there are myriads of “what you think of as you”  in parallel worlds, experiencing all these potentials now. That means, there is a you, already living, the Life of your Dreams.

That is why you can feel it, sense it, almost taste it. Because it is real. It exists, Now.

Stepping into the reality, where you are aligned with this perfect life of Love, your Lover, your Dream world, arrives as your conscious experience, through its activation within your Heart, life and Being.

By continuing to Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Trust your Soul. And stay present in all moments, you align with your Heart, with the Life of Your Dreams.

Allow this Valentines day to be a new Beginning for you.

Align with the Greater Aspect of You, the part of you, that really is in charge. Aligned with the you here,  that uses are your will, to steer towards. The Heart is the Compass, your Will the Steering. Your Life of your Dreams, your Soul Imprint within your Consciousness, that says, YES, welcome Home. You are aligned, you are in Love with Life. You Live the Life of your Greatest Dreams.

Happy Valentines, all you Lovers, You Beings of Light here on Planet Earth, And So it is, eternal Love, eternal Love, and the Magic of your Soul Blueprint!


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Consciousness Viewing Itself ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

L'Aura Pleiadian

The following so-called words, you see before you, are not words of guidance, or reminders, or even just words that appear put together in sentences, to make sense.  These words are Light Frequencies, that activate, that which in your consciousness within you, appears dormant in your awareness. You do not have to believe this, for this to take place.

For those of you that have embarked on Being the Arrival of the First Wave of Ascension, I implore you to deeply explore within yourself, the habitual looking at the external world as the indicator of change, and instead look ever more deeply, within your own consciousness.

Recognizing the changes in your consciousness, is the only indicator of change, there is.

What applies to 3D does not apply to 4th and 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

And what are words anyway, but Light, that is the avenue of transmission, towards an awakening experience of consciousness.  Breathe this in, deeply.

Pause, reflect, into your own inner awareness and observe your transformation.

Looking to economy, world events “waiting” for a financial reset, is nothing more, than the catch-all belief, in a 3D world, that does not live in the present moment. That takes your conscious attention, out of the present moment, which is the avoidance, of what is. Where beliefs live, of a future that is better, than the now. That consciousness, exists, only in 3D consciousness. Spiritual ego, is applying the same consciousness of “what I want to take place for me that isn’t here now” and applying that as a way of being spiritual. Self deception, is the only deception. You are responsible, for your consciousness. And your consciousness, exists, in the Present Moment.

Letting go, surrendering, your will, to Love. To Being content Being. To not waiting for this and that to change. Is the maturing of Consciousness, that is 5th Dimensional Consciousness. WHICH ~ creates the changes. Simply by Being Present.

YOU See the world differently, problems dissolve. Hatred, greed, and envy, leave. Self Love is the Only Love there is. AS you cannot receive or get from someone or something, something that you are NOT.

Two can share LOVE. The One who Loves themselves completely, is capable of loving another completely.

That which you are, you are Being, even if you prefer to ‘think” otherwise.

How you experience your reality, is the mirrored reflection of consciousness, that lives within you, that IS (Present Tense) creating your reality NOW. 

The level of consciousness you are vibrating at ~ is = the world that you see.

You desire to see a new world, a Heaven on Earth. Turn the mirror of your awareness, unto your own consciousness and look deeply. LOOK at the fears, at the worry, at the aspects of your consciousness, that are not yet held, in the light of unconditional love.

LIVE ~ there ~ consciously. In the Moment.

Embrace what is your experience, now.

Love, what has not yet been loved, within yourself.

Let go of the 3D habitual concepts and beliefs, that only serve to keep you there, that is, if you desire, to live a new life, see a new world, live in peace and harmony, and live as the Ascended Being, that you are eternally. All Now.

Let go of all your wants.

Surrender them on the altar, of WHAT IS, NOW.

And love, embrace, hold dearly, all moments.

For it clearly, is, that which you Are.

Breathe, deeply and receive.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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Photo Courtesy of Daniel Holeman


The Glory and The Presence of All That is

In my Light All Light, is.
I Am everywhere and permeate the essence of All Living matter and Beings, everywhere.
Feel me within your Heart as the Eternal Living Light of All That is.
Feel me now as the Bliss and Joy, that lives forever within you.
I Am the Peace, that is my Presence, that lives beyond the need, to understand why.
I Am nothing and everything, all at once.
I Arise in all moments, out of the emptiness, of All That is.
I am the Great Void, where everything arises.
My Voice is in all sound, my Presence is known in stillness.
My Beauty is in all Beauty.
Feel my warmth in the Eternal Sun.
Feel the fire of my burning within your Heart, kindle the flame of your consciousness.
I Am with you in all moments. In happiness and sorrow. I am present within you.
All Breath flows through me.
All time flows through me.
Feel me with you in All Moments.
I live in the Hidden and in the Seen.
I live deep within You.
I Am the Glory and The Presence, of All That is.

Eternal Love and Bliss!

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Nameless Eternal Light ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

The Words you Believe you are reading here, ARE NOT what is here.
You have created your own world of Beliefs and meanings that are unique to your Frequency.
What you believe you see and read, is ONLY what you are experiencing.
There is only LIGHT. This Light in its pure state is Love.
Light of varying frequencies, creating a holographic experience of Being here on earth, being present and joining at this meeting place. Called Planet Earth.
Each person Being, is having their own unique experience. 
Experiencing their own unique vibrational dimension and frequency. Fulfilling their unique Soul Plan.  
The name dimensions and the numbers and levels attributed to them, are just constructs and a way to refer to something. The title Higher Self, is also a label and title, of an experience. The only way to know something is to exist consciously, in that state. There are no names for pure experience. We title them to communicate with others.
I Have no name in the Higher Frequencies of Being and Divine Light. On Planet Earth names are used to be able to refer to someone or something.

These Higher Frequencies of Light may be GIVEN Attributes or Virtues, associated with this pure Being. Words  simply point to the experience of “Being” the Pureness of Light in its original State.

Even the name and words I AM is a construct that used to refer to the experience of the Divine Presence of All That is ~ that has NO name. 

Someone asked me recently about names. Asking if a name was a frequency.

Everything is a frequency. Each name, each utterance, each thought is a frequency.

Yet, the frequency vibration of something that appears outside of oneself, is experienced through each UNIQUE frequency filter and dimension (consciousness of the one experiencing it) that the consciousness is functioning through.

You cannot know a unique frequency, unless you are it. Being it. It is all reference. Until one is PURELY Being that. And in the pure state awareness of being all that you Are, there are no names. It is just simply Being.

I AM Being, I AM everything, yet those words are just leading you to the experience of this. YOU cannot know something unless you experience it. And it is the EXPERIENCE that is the KNOWING.

Names are used on Earth and other realms of Being.  Names are used in addressing people (Beings) that in truth are only Light at the higher frequencies. But here on Earth represent a unique frequency with is their  individualized Being frequency, that appears to be Embodied in a Form. (simply words)

NO One can know a Being (person on Earth or any other Being) through a name, which includes a name given on Atlantis and Mu and the Pleiades etc. Names and titles are JUST THAT.  Names and titles are simply Place Holders pointing to the experience of that Being.  Knowing a name, does not mean you KNOW the BEING that the name is referring to.

NO ONE can KNOW a PRESENCE ~ Unless they Are That PRESENCE.

Names on Earth as used as though, if you know the name you KNOW the person. NAMES just point to the energy of BEING represented in a FORM.

At the Heart of it all, is the experience of the HIGHEST Purest Frequencies of Love. This is the pure Original Light. 

You can call this Source Light, God, etc. (a name of reference)  it doesn’t matter what you call it. It is a State of pure original light and Being.

As you become more PRESENT and AWARE in the PURENESS of your Being, where all you know yourself to BE is the pure child like nature. Then, you will Know the experience of  Being the Heaven within that you have sought.

It is a Sacred Eternal Space of BEING, being the Love that is your Pure Nature, then you live in your arrival. In the pureness of each moment.

No agenda. Simply the being that which pours through in all moments as the spontaneous flow of love and adventure. Which is unique for everyone. 

Everything then aligns to match the pureness of your unique play (whatever that is) specifically designed for you.

Your Soul Blueprint. Your Unique design.

And in this do I hold you. In the Divine Love, Glory and Light, of my Eternal Presence.


Eternal Love and Bliss!!



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Radiating 5th Dimensional Consciousness ~ Consciously



You are always radiating that which you are vibrating to and as. There is no separation between your reality and your vibration. You get what you are Being, always. That is what you are vibrating to, even if you are not conscious of this.

Consciously vibrating and radiating 5th Dimensional Consciousness (which is a frequency vibration) is a free will choice. The word “consciously” is where you step in and decide to do this. You decide when its time or not, and it is all ok, whatever you choose, because everything is unfolding perfectly. The way it is happening through you, is the way it is. And always, Acceptance is the Love and of 5th Dimensional Consciousness that you can apply to ALL experiences, in any or all moments. The choice is yours. Please recognize, the choice is yours. Do not fall prey to Victim Consciousness. And if you have existed in victim consciousness, again, apply Acceptance. It is ok, I believed I was a victim. It is ok that I no longer choose to see myself as a victim.

Now, radiating 5th Dimensional Consciousness, is a free will choice.

I choose to radiate the Love and Acceptance of 5th Dimensional Consciousness NOW.

Through my Heart, I radiate the Acceptance and Love of  Ascended Consciousness.

I Vibrate a Frequency, through my Heart, that is Eternal.

I Radiate Eternal Unconditional Love, within me Now.

When you focus on Your inner vibration and you are choosing Unconditional Love and acceptance as your vibration,  you are signalling out and recreating, that which was your old reality, to one of Love, to one that matches your New Vibration. Everything is Within you, your frequency creates the picture screen, so to speak, of what you call your external reality. And this within you, it is the Frequency you are vibrating as, which is your radiation.

Take a few moments, and breathe and relax deeply.  Focus upon your Heart, and feel Love and Acceptance for yourself. If all kinds of situations, ideas, come up, Love and Accept how you perceive you are or were doing, in a so-called past. Love it all NOW. Accept it all NOW.

When you feel this Love and Acceptance (which will expand and increase the more you focus on it and feel it) you are radiating 5th Dimensional Consciousness. How Long you stay focused on this vibration, being this, which means radiate it, is a factor, in the level of change you see. For you cannot escape through any addiction, whether it is victim consciousness or alcohol, the truth, that you are creating your reality. Even if you play the game, of pretending you are not. The truth remains the same. The Question is, HOW much do you truly desire to end your suffering, and How much are you WILLING to Love yourself, right here right NOW. The choice has always been yours.

I free myself from past beliefs and concepts of suffering and worthiness.

I no Longer judge a world, that I have created within myself.

I Accept it is me and my Vibration, that is creating this.

I Accept myself completely, and I accept all of my old beliefs.

I choose to Love myself now, and Be the LOVE and the Acceptance, I desire.

I Love and Accept myself.

I Live in the Now moment,

I have Arrived.

I hold you in the Radiating Eternal Love and Glory, that is forever Radiating the Love of All That is, All Now and Forever, no beginning and no End.



Eternal Love and Bliss!



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The Birth of Galactic and Universal Soul Presence

L'Aura Pleiadian

Without the constraints and filters of old programmed limitations and fears, serving as the limited capacity of awareness, when all that has vanished without a trace of its lingering constructs, then what you have is the experience of your Divine Consciousness.

Divine Consciousness, makes its Presence subtly known, as it does not enter the domain of denseness in its awareness.  An Eternal Traveller knowing itself as the Souls Truth and Light. A Whispering of Divinity, like the a gentle breeze, making itself known.

The Glorification of the Souls embodiment in form, The Divine Consciousness, is the Beatification crowned upon those that have entered the Mystical transfiguration where the Presence walking Lightly and passing through all experience, so to speak, results in the dissolving of the old identity, its origin birthed as human, perceived as density.

This magical shape shifting of sorts, is the switch over, so to speak, from the once limitation consciousness, to the Full Divine Consciousness. The Eternal Galactic Soul of Light, through the Immortal Body of Light functions as the Souls Presence in Eternity, through the Form. Which transforms itself, into the True Being that it is.

And them the  Switch over is complete, the once thought of as a Dense Human Being, has Now entered Galactic Awareness, as Being Part of the Universal Divine Consciousness, that is Presence Friendly, that works together as a Whole, in the functioning of Divine Consciousness everywhere.

Your Being birthed through this Now, and the birthing pains, are the dissolving of the Denseness you believed was home and your identity.  This is a powerful letting go, and dissolving of All that is Not Your Presence and your Divine Consciousness. Entering the gentle Divine Presence, that holds your Eternal Glory, with no attachment to density, is the Ascending into the Eternal Divine Consciousness of Your Soul, as the Birthed you, into a New Way of Being. A New Earth. Your Heaven on Earth.

The Dense Earth School has Played its important role in This Transfiguration for the Glory to Be Known, as the Emergence of The Galactic Being, once thought of as the Earth Bound Human in Density and Limitation Consciousness, Takes its rightly Place, as the Revealed Divine Consciousness, As the Wholeness of the Soul.


Eternal Love and Bliss!





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