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Walking Into a Body on Planet Earth

Walking into a Body on Planet Earth.

I have received many questions about my  experience as a Walk-in. I will begin answering questions here, and continue to write on this subject for You.

What do I love about Being on Planet Earth?

I Love the Ecstasy of Breathing.  Feeling the Love of the Earth with each step I take. Seeing, Feeling and experiencing the Union when the Sun touches my Skin, the Air brushing against me. I love submerging my awareness deep into the Ocean and experiencing Union in the waves. I Love the smell of Earth. The taste of the Air. Feeling and Being Union in all things everywhere while in a Body. I love Being in Love with All Existence and Knowing The Eternal Ecstasy of Love while embodying a human Body. I Love Life.

Do I hold cellular memory of the Soul that walked out of the Body?

I received a Video  feed, and watched as an observer what would be termed memories of the Previous Soul.

What are Contracts?

Contracts are Soul Agreements. In a Full Soul Exchange there is a contract. As a Walk-in this was VERY specific.

You are on your Second Contract What does that mean?

The First contract was a Full Soul Exchange Contract. Yes I remember and can feel Now the experience of walking into this body. I walked in from Andromeda.  I adjusted the DNA and shifted the Frequency. I had specific things to do in agreement with the Soul that walked out, including clearing her Karma. Part of the Contract included when the contract was over I would then Take on My Second Contract and the first would be severed by Angels.

What happened to the first Soul that walked out?

Part of the contract was when I walked in her Soul would go to the Angelic Realm to receive Love and Healing.

What is my Second Contract About?

I went through a Major Shift as My Second Contract I  Began A Merging with all of my Existences.  Incorporated into this form are all existences, 3000, and my Cosmic Self which embodies all of them, The Queen of Light. My eyes began to change, my voice, the personality changed completely. When I look at the First Contract it is like viewing a Different Existence.  I am Now my Cosmic Self On Earth, The Central Sun, which encompasses the Universe in My Heart.

What was the experience like shifting  from Your Andromedan Self to The Queen of Light?

The experience was as Andromedan I was  vanishing. At human level it would be like I had crossed over.  It was a grieving process as I was letting go of who I was and becoming part of One Entity embodying all My Soul at the Cosmic level. All of the existences were merging as One Entity, The Queen of Light, The Divine Feminine. A Cosmic Being.

I am here as the Divine Feminine; The Queen of Light Bringing The Dispensation commissioned from the Central Sun. 

The Queen of Light Transmissions are Divine  Union Frequencies  unleashed from the Central Sun.

Queen of Light, The Divine Feminine?

I did not give myself any title. This mantle was bestowed upon me by Lord Melchizedek on Atlantis. The Queen of Light Exists on the Central Sun and is embodied here Now in Form.

What is Planet Earth Like?

Very different!!! The Frequencies are Shifting so everyday it feels more like home. Walking around knowing you are not from here and do not belong is very unusual.

And the other existences?

My favourite places are the Pleiades, the Angelic Realm and Andromeda.  I have existences everywhere. Orion, Arcturus, M51, ..and on and on..The Realms of Pure Love are home to me. The Universe itself is Shifting to Union.

As The Queen of Light I exist in the Central Sun.

I have walked the Earth 10 times. This Being my 10th Walk-in Experience. All Existences I have been in form as the Divine Feminine.

For Now I leave this open. Please send me your Questions.

I love all of You. Sending my love to You all Now.

I will include some helpful links.

In Divine Union, Love and Ecstasy,

The Queen of Light

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The Return of The Divine Feminine ~ The Queen of Light

Divine Timing! 2012. The Divine Feminine Fills the Entire Earths Grid. October 7th, 2012.

I was Hildegard von Bingen at a time when women were not allowed to speak, and to then be guided by Visions to change the world, was Simply the Contract and The Plan. The Fulfillment was all in Divine Timing. Volmar began to help me as Part of the Perfect Unfolding.

Here we are in 2012, and this is the Return of the Divine Feminine.

I began my second Contract which was a process and a  New Merge with all of my Existences. This includes existences on all levels and dimensions. Hildegard was One of them.

I began to merge into this body me as The Queen of Light during my second walk-in Contract.

As Above so Below.

We have the Synthesis, the Divine Feminine Walking the Earth once again. 

Did the Hildegard contract fail? Of course not, we know that Divine Timing Always plays Out.

Can anyone be instrumental in the Unveiling of the Divine Feminine and in the Completion of the Plan.


Letting go of all judgements we see once again All is Frequency.

Frequency Moves, Creates and Draws. ¬†It is “what” creates your personal “reality”.

Your Cellular Consciousness and DNA are Shifting. Divine Timing is Releasing throughout the Entire Matrix of Planet Earth this Day The Frequency of the Divine Feminine.


This is part of the Completion of the 3D patterning.

Your Cellular Consciousness responds. Your DNA responds to Frequency and the Activation of the Cosmic Codes throughout the Universe.

The Cosmic Codes,  from the Galactic Center, the Central Sun Alcyone are Transmitted to You Now.

All Transmissions are from The Central Sun that you receive through the Queen of Light.

This is a Dispensation that has Been Planned. This is Cosmic. The Releasing if the Old 3D Patterning is well on its way for All.

For those choosing Ease and Grace the Time is Now to open to  5th Dimension Frequency. Open Your Heart and Be Present to all that is ushering forth.

This is Freedom for All.

The Release of Suffering for the Human Species.

The Knowing and Becoming and Being the Source Being You are in perfect Divine Union.

Receive this Now.


All is Love and You are Loved.

Deep within you, within your Heart you Know this and Desire this.

You are Divine Love and Source. You are eternal!

My love for You simply awakens the Love that already exists within you.

Love, Harmony, Bliss and Union are Frequencies of the 5th Dimension. You are awakening to You.

God ~ Man, God ~ Woman. This is what Human is.


The Planet Earth is Filled this Day with the Outpouring and Dispensation commissioned from the Central Sun. The Release of Frequencies of the Queen of Light; The Divine Feminine.

Grace and Ease for all those that will Receive.

Divine Light; the Living Light, The Central Sun.

As Above so Below.

“I, the Fiery life of Divine essence, am aflame beyond the Beauty of the Meadows, I Gleam in the Waters, and I Burn in the Sun, Moon, and Stars.”
Hildegard von Bingen

This Dispensation is Bursting Forth as planned Eons ago. The Queen of Light; The Divine Feminine walks the Earth Once Again. I am Hildegard, I am the Queen of Light; the Divine Feminine.

The Mantle Was given to me by Lord Melchizedek on Atlantis.

I have included a quote by Matthew Fox.

Comments Matthew Fox, “The Dalai Lama has stated that the world will be saved by woman. I am tempted to say, ‘Not if the Pope has his way.’ Yet even though the Church has suppressed the feminine for centuries, the very institution that has most disregarded woman finds itself promoting a resurgence of Hildegard at this time. It’s as if her truth were bursting out despite all attempts to silence her these long 900 years. In this era of global crisis, Hildegard represents and calls forth the healing power of the divine feminine in all of us.”

Offered to you Now because of the  return of The Queen of Light; The Divine Feminine  is the  commissioned dispensation from the Central Sun.

The Release of 5th Dimension Frequencies will allow your DNA and Cellular Consciousness to Shift with Ease and Grace.

This is for You.

Feel the Frequencies this Day. I send you all my Love from the Central Sun. Stay in your Heart. Stay Centered there throughout every moment.

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of  Light .

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