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Full Moon in Libra April 11th, 2017 ~ Deep Within

The Full Moon in Libra is on April 11 at 3:08 am ADT. Sun Opposite Moon. The energy reveals what is not in perfect Harmony within you. The balance between ~ what is and what is not. Within and your external world. The masculine and feminine within.

Tension, pressure, emotions may run high, as the memories that are to be cleared, arise within you.

Moon Conjunct fixed star Spica, and Moon conjunct Jupiter, make this the most fortunate, generous and optimistic Full Moon. With great potential for spiritual advancement, abundance, success, honour and love. There are challenges with this. Yet, if you are in harmony and have completed your inner work, this may be the most blessed opportunity of all Full Moons for you.

Moon square Pluto ~ may lead to deep powerful emotions to arise, to be cleared. Power struggles may come up and memories transmuted. Destructive behaviours may be revealed from deep within you, that you have not been very conscious of.  This is for your benefit, to be cleared.

Moon Opposite Uranus ~ Change ~ how you react to change may come up. Change is part of this Full Moon.  Memories of change connected to emotional upset, may be part of what comes up for you.

Sun conjunct Uranus ~ excitement, higher level awareness and attunements are available. The electrical nature of this, may make it challenging to sleep and relax. Sudden changes are possible.

Jupiter retrograde ~ unexpected good fortune, a new relationship, opportunities. Yet, If the motives are greedy and superficial, a loss may occur when Jupiter goes direct between June and September 2017.

It is all about WITHIN YOU.

Harmony within. Letting go of external appearances as the basis for your own self-esteem. Knowing that all is a result of within you. That there is nowhere to hide from yourself. From what it is you are to clear and bring into greater Harmony within you.

Look deeply at the emotions that arise.

Stay present with your motives.

Open your Heart to the eternal.

The eternal You that lives and breathes in a New Time Line now as the Divine Ascended Being that you already are.

You as your Original Light.

All Now!

I am holding you in the Magnificence and Glory of All  That is.

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Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, August 18th, 2016


Sun Opposite Moon. The Sun is in Leo and the Full Moon is in Aquarius on August 18th, 6:26 am ADT. There is a lunar eclipse with this Full Moon. This is a final phase of an Eclipse cycle which began on March 2016.

This eclipse is a culmination and completion of the last 6 months. The Full Moon is a completion. The Eclipse does not cast a shadow over the Moon. The impact will feel like a powerful, emotional Full Moon.

A brand New Eclipse Cycle (powerful one for new beginnings) begins on September 1st, with a Solar Eclipse.

The Moon (Full Moon) is sextile Uranus and the Sun is trine Uranus. Sun Opposite Moon. 

New and sudden changes of awareness, in the areas of your home and personal life, relationships and any imbalances within you, will be felt deeply.

This is what Full Moons do. As the Light of the Full Moon casts its Light on your subconscious. Revealing to you any feelings of imbalance within you.

With Uranus impacting this Full Moon, you may suddenly be aware of areas within you that were dormant that now suddenly desire to be heard.

Each Full Moon impacts every person uniquely. Your Blueprint, your subconscious is unique and what you have cleared and what is taking place THROUGH you is Unique. It is part of your unique consciousness. Your frequency.

Frequency impacting and interacting with frequency.

As you pay close attention to the feelings that arise within you. Stay present and feel deeply COMPASSION for all that is taking place through you.

You are on the verge of a new beginning.

A New way of Being.

Your Evolution, your Transformation, your Ascension.

Processing all that arises THROUGH self-love and compassion (5th Dimensional Consciousness) allows your to stay present and integrate, the New way of Being.

You WILL be astounded as the NEW You Dawns, through the Light of Your Soul.

And you find yourself, LIVING the Life of your Wildest Dreams.

Stay present, Love yourself. Understand what arises is there to be Loved.

Take a few slow deep breaths. Feel deeply. 

I completely embrace the Dawning of the New Me. 

The Divine Ascended Self, that I am Now, emerges through my gentle Self Love. 

All pain, sadness and feelings of separation are now healed within my subconscious mind. 

I welcome my New Timeline, where I exist already, as My Divine God Self in form. 

My heart, my subconscious, my desires and MY Divine Higher Self are One and in Harmony, with my Divine Plan. Now. 

I am unique. and I Am the unfolding of my Divine Plan. 

I Live now, the life of my Dreams, as the Stars are aligned, my Destiny unfolds, through the Love that I Am. Now. 

And so it is! Beloved Angels! Your completion, the culmination, ushering in through you, the every increasing momentum, of Love. Of your Divine Self. Fully living THROUGH YOU consciously. In Form.


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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Full Moon in Capricorn July 19th, 2016, Transformation


July 19th, 2016 The Full Moon in Capricorn takes place at 7:56 pm ADT. In North America this Full Moon is called the Full Buck Moon. For Hindu Practitioners everywhere, this Full Moon is called Guru Purnima, the Full Moon to honour Guru Ved Vyas who wrote the eighteen Purnas.

Sun in Cancer opposing the Full Moon in Capricorn is a culmination which started July 4th, at the New Moon.

This conjunction of the Full Moon with the Sun, is about  relationships. Your relationship with yourself first. The relationship with how your life is, the subconscious drives (that play out often without knowledge of it)  and how your life is, compared to how you desire it to be.

This will highlight a desire to reevaluate what is going on with your life. How you are FEELING about what is going on with your life. Are you resisting what is taking place? Are you attempting to control things that you have no control over?

This resistance is the cause of suffering.

Are you taking action with your desires? Taking care of practical things. Are you loving your body? Taking care of yourself. Loving yourself? Applying compassion to yourself.

Applying 5th Dimensional Consciousness (Self Love and compassion) to all you experience, is the TRANSFORMATION of your Ascension. This Full Moon will highlight in your awareness, all that is not yet received the self-love, WITHIN You.

Mars forms beneficial aspects with the Sun and Moon. A desire for intimacy and increase passion, will be the fuel to KNOW yourself more. Understand your desires More clearly. Every relationship in your life, you and money, you and work, you and your subconscious self, you and your Higher Self, you with others, will be emotionally highlighted.

Uranus may bring some surprising influences during this Full Moon. Sudden changes. Sudden desires for quick changes. Sudden impulses, Sudden realizations of the ego and subconscious emotional drives surfacing. Or resurfacing.

Being present with your emotions. With what you are experiencing in a deep intimate way, will allow you to open to greater surrender. Which opens you up more to your Higher Self, living through you. This may not always feel good, or how you would like yourself to feel. It is what is there. Honouring this process, your Ascension, is loving yourself.

Take time out. Slow down. Listen and feel. Love yourself. This is the way through this. Which is the only way. Going deep within. Holding you in this deep process through unconditional Love. In the Glorious Light of your Soul. The Magnificence of your Higher Self. And So it is!


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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Preparing for the Summer Solstice and Full Moon in Sagittarius June 20th, 2016


The Summer Solstice is on June 20th in the Northern Hemisphere at 7:34 pm ADT and the Full Moon in Sagittarius takes place the morning of the Solstice on June 20th also, at 8:02 am ADT. Power packed transformational Frequencies of Light and deep subconscious shifts. As you open to receive.

Preparing for the Longest Day of the Year, is all about embracing the Light within you. The Light of the Eternal Sun. The Light of your Soul. The nourishing Life Giving Light, of All That is, the Sun.

Celebrating the Sun, touches deeply the Flame of the Heart. Deep within your Heart is the Light of the Spiritual Sun. The memory of All of You. Everywhere, all at once. Focus on the Flame of your Heart. Deeply honouring the Eternal Light. That you forever, are. This is your connection. This is the Light of your Divinity.

The Sun in Gemini and the Full Moon in Sagittarius in the last degree, emphasizing a completion before the evening Summer Solstice. The Sun goes into Cancer shortly after the Full Moon and the Moon goes into Capricorn. You may desire to go more deeply within you, observing what arises, and loving yourself more, with greater compassion, than ever before.

It is now so much a review, but more of a calling to a deeper recognition, of what has taken place through you, as you have entered more deeply the present moment. Life happens to you in 3D. In 4th and 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Life happens through you. This is the awareness of your Higher Self living through you. The Form awakens to the awareness that it too is Light. That all of this is Light. That you are here, to shine your Light.

What better time to celebrate this Grand Shining of your Light, than the Summer Solstice. This Light is Love. This Light is Bliss. This Light is Wholeness. This Light  is Heaven on Earth.

So now as you prepare your Heart to receive ever-increasing Expansion of Love, enter deeply into observing, all that is taking place through you. Allowing your Higher Self, God Self, to live, as the Light that it is. The very Presence of God. The Very Presence of Your Angelic Self. The Very Presence of the Spiritual Sun Light Fluid. Your Divine Soul.

All of Creation celebrates the Beatific Glory that you are. The Angels Sing. The Ascended Masters are in awe. You have risen in the Full Glory of All That you Are. And so it is, Divine Angels. The Glory of Now. Arrived.

summer solstice

Eternal Love and Bliss!


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Photo Courtesy of Daniel Holeman

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Full Moon in Sagittarius, Blue Moon ~ May 21st, 2016


This Full Moon, on May 21st 2016 at 6:14 pm ADT is a Blue Moon. That is, it is the third of four Full Moons this Season ~ Between the March Equinox and the Summer Solstice in June.

This Full Moon will feel VERY energetically charged and powerful. Remember this Full Moon is a culmination. A completion. Which activate all that is held deep within your subconscious mind, to the Light of your Awareness.

This Full Moon is Conjunct Mars. This is a Super Charged conjunction with this Full Moon and Mars. With Mars retrograde, slow down. Go deep within yourself. Many emotions may surface and take place through you. Stay observing. Stay present. Remember Love. Compassion.

Relationship issues may surface. Remember always, all is a reflection of within you. Go deeper within. Look to how you are feeling within you. Love yourself, that always opens your heart more and opens you consciously to greater levels of love. To greater expansion of your consciousness through love.

Then you get it. Oh I always felt that, that was me. Now I feel this way, and WOW those things never happen again. Wow. Amazing insights are always possible and always present for You. When you look within.

This is a powerful Full Moon. This will build till the following Full Moon. The seeds are deep within your subconscious. For your fulfillment. Completion. Ascension. Through your Blueprint.

Mercury retrograde, always supports your moving deeper within yourself. Do not look further than within. Above all else, open yourself to greater Self Love. That is the path to your complete freedom. To your freedom from all pain and suffering. Listen in quiet to the voice of your Soul.

Stay present in your Hearts Beloved Souls. Your Light is shining brighter and brighter every moment. Stay present to this. I am with You in all moments.

In this I hold you and activate you Angels, every hour! Every hour the Frequencies and Downloads are increasing in Power and in the Glory of All That is! Tune in and intend to Receive these! For your Ascension! Your Glory and Being the Divine Being that you ARE!

Your Magnificence, your Ascension.

Your Beauty and your Divine Love.

Miracles and Abundance and a life of your Wildest Dreams!

This is YOUR Transformation, I love you and I hold you, eternally in the Grace and Love of All That is. And so it is! Beloved Angels!


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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Full Moon in Scorpio ~ Earth Day ~ April 22, 2016


This Full Moon is On Earth Day! April 22, 2016 at 2:23 am ADT. The Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio, 2 degrees.  There is also a trine to Neptune at 11 degrees Pisces. This will be powerful! Death and rebirth, potential.

The culmination (since the New Moon) and opposition (Sun in Taurus Moon in Scorpio) is for your transformation.

Mars and Pluto work close with Scorpio and will be at the beginning stages of retrograde during this Full Moon. Mars ( retrograde April 17th) is the Lord of War and Pluto (retrograde April 18th ) is the Lord of Death and Rebirth. The intensity of this is immense.

Scorpio lives for the extremes of intensity, seeing how far it can go. While Taurus lives for security and keeping things the same. These opposites may be activated within you, as what arises, through feelings, thoughts and circumstances. Especially if you have areas of fear and unresolved pain and sensitivity with these areas within your subconscious mind.

When these intense feeling and emotions come up, stay present within yourself. Know that it is not the external things that bring this to the surface. Instead areas within you, that become activated, for you to embrace and love. Arriving at the peace and harmony, that is no longer reactive to the pain and fear within you. As you love yourself so deeply, all is ok and all is to be loved. Never judged.

With this Full Moon release that will only settle for the unknown to be known. All bets are off so to speak. For Scorpio and its rulers Mars and Pluto, there are no limits to what may take place. War, Death and Rebirth, are simply the means for the ends. That is, whatever you  go through, is for You. As these Giants of Transformation, have their way in activating within you. All that needs to be seen, known. loved and transformed.

How you handle this intense energy, is how you love yourself. As love is the glue that holds all together. Love is what transforms, in the face of any adversity. Self Love is the true Love that allows you to love another. Without self-love there is no love.

Earth Day also, is a time to ground your awareness deep into this your existence, the now moment. The love for yourself spilling out to the Earth and all of your surroundings. As everything that you experience, impacts the whole.

Love yourself.

Honour yourself.

Be present as much as possible with what arises.

Slow down, breathe and relax. Whenever you can and enjoy the moment.

That is all there really is.

As all of this unfolds through you and your Blueprint and Life Plan continue to bring experiences to you that highlight those areas to be loved. Remember, it is unfolding through you. Nothing is happening to You. The level of non attachment to this process, creates the ease and freedom you desire.

In this Love, ease and freedom is the Grace, that is your Enlightenment and Being Ascended. That you already are, yet transforming consciously as.

I hold you in this your Ascended Being. Tune in every hour to my energy. As I transmit to you every 11 ~ 33 after the hour, every hour. The Energy Transmission, that is for your Transformation.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Full Moon in Libra, Partial Lunar Eclipse March 23, 2016


Just after the Spring Equinox we have the Full Moon in Libra is on March 23, 2016 at 9:01 am ADT, and a visible subtle, partial, Lunar Eclipse that will be visible here in Canada and the United States. If you pay attention and watch closely you may notice the shadow. That is, if you have clear skies and the Moon is not below the Horizon, at the time of the Eclipse. Full Moons are about completions, and bringing to light, that which began during the previous New Moon. Full Moons are Opposite the Sun.

The Spring Equinox in Aries, marked the beginning of the Astrological Year. Aries being the first sign. Now this Full Moon and Partial Eclipse we have the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra. This brings to light the desire for reconciling opposites. Making peace, with all that is within you.  All that is hidden within your subconscious mind.

We also have Easter arriving earlier this year, March 27th, and for many of you, this subconsciously awakens your desire for rebirth and renewal.

The Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse brings to Light, through your experiences and feelings, that which desires to be loved within you.

That which is not yet loved. That which, within you, once loved, brings wholeness.

Fullness. Heaven on Earth, for you and though you.

This energy influence within you, impacts your emotions and your subconscious mind.

Celebrating the Eclipse and celebrating your life, is the doorway, to self acknowledgment, for all you have been through, for all you will go through.

This evolution and rebirth is through your self-love and compassion.

The energies continue to support your evolution, in all moments.

With the Full Moon in Libra the focus is on relationships and feelings. Within you, and your relationship to yourself, your self-love, is the basis for all of your relationships. As you love yourself, you are able to receive love and give that same love.

Allow yourself to embrace and honour any uncomfortable feelings as well as any amazing, celebratory, blissful feelings. The Blissful feelings are those areas loved within you. Those uncomfortable feelings are those not yet loved by you. Which desire your attention, even if you do not want to pay attention.

You as the Evolved and Evolving Soul of the New Divine Humanity, Angels in form, are here to Love yourselves, like you have never been loved before. Accept your emotions, love them as gentle children, that are opening up, to the Magical Self within. Which is the fullness of your Divine Self, showing you through your love, that you have always been Divine.

Intend to receive the Hourly Divine Ascended Being Activation which is hourly. It is an energy transmission, a Light Activation. That awakens you, more and more to the Love that you are. To your Divinity. The New Divine Humanity. Every 11 ~ 33 minutes, after every hour.

Embracing all those things you would rather not face within you, is the coming home, through the love, of all that you are. Love yourself.

Love yourself like you have never been loved.

Then all of your relationships (emphasized during this Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse) to all things, transforms, through the Magic of your Inner Child, your Divine Self (Higher Self, your Divine Presence) that you are and have always been.

In this I hold you, in the Divine Evolution of your Awareness, You as your Uniqueness. You as the Divine Self living the Life of your Dreams. Your Heaven on Earth.



Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Full Moon in Virgo, February 22, 2016


This Full Moon is in Virgo, on February 22, 2016 at 2:19 pm AST. Sun opposite Moon, the deep transformational powers through your Subconscious mind, bringing up, all that desires to be balanced within you. This is a culmination. And an awakening, into more of the Union of You. Into Earth. Into your Consciousness. The Divine within you, manifested on Earth, consciously.

Full Moons may be challenging emotionally. Until we have surrendered. What does arise, and loving THAT, brings to Light, all that desires to be Loved, within you. This may be an empowering experience. Or may not feel empowering, if you experience yourself, as the emotion, as the fear. Rather than, observing and allowing all to flow through you. Either way, this is for you, nothing is against you.

Virgo although it is an Earth Sign, is ruled by Mercury, the God Hermes. It is about bringing the Divine, down into the body. The body, being the temple, the avenue, that Source resides, in. Embodiment, here and Now.

Pisces, ruled by Neptune, is the vision, before manifesting on Earth. The letting go of the Vision, the way, the how, the knowing, and into Being here and allowing all to flow through you, is HOW the Divine Manifests itself, consciously, with no resistance, therefore no pain, through you.

The balancing, of this Full Moon, is between the surrender of the Vision, the how, the knowing,  and the body, perfection, the mind, the details, here and now, on Earth, through You.

This may manifest as the tension, between the balance, and the surrender.

Wherever that is, within you. Are you loving your body? Are you placing the body over your spirituality? Are you so focused on the Spiritual that you are neglecting loving the physical? Have you surrendered the How? Are you in the present moment? Balance, and surrender.

Added to this Full Moon, an intensity, is a pattern being referred to as Thor’s Hammer. Which is a build of tension, taking place at the Full Moon, with Uranus Square Pluto.

As you flow with what is happening THROUGH You, and Love all aspects of yourself, within you, then this will be a beautiful Initiation, and a release, which may result in many long-awaited experiences of transformation, in many areas of your Life.

Of course, all of this Happens within you. Even the Moon and the Sun and Galaxy, is within your Consciousness. And this Holographic experience, or inter relating, here in a form that appears solid, is just part of the beauty of this meeting place, we call Planet Earth.

All within your Consciousness.

Your Heart being the avenue of the application of Love ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Your Will, being the conscious You, allowing, all to take place through You. Through the direction of your intentions.

Be in your Heart. Observe all that arises, with Love, Love for yourself, loving all those parts, your body, your desires, all that you have been through, ALL NOW.

Love That.

Love Yourself.

Embrace this Holographic exploration of consciousness, that is unfolding itself, perfectly through You. Let go, surrender, observe, love and Be Present. And So It is. I Am with you. Feel it all as Play. In the here and Now, through Love. Love it All.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Full Moon in Leo~January 23rd, 2016


The Full Moon in Leo is on January 23rd, 2016 at 9:45 pm AST.

Full Moons are completions, endings, of that which began on the New Moon. Full Moons are emotional, as the subconscious (what is not seen) is triggered, during the Light of the Full Moon (subconscious) and the Opposing Sun in Aquarius.

This Full Moon is being squared by Mars in Scorpio. Feel the intensity. Further adding to this transformational energy, is Mercury retrograde (till the 26th) which has ignited many levels of loss and set backs, as the deepening of inner directed awareness, settles in, as the New way of Being, the consciousness of arriving, of being in the present moment, of Being 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Whew, a lot to take in and integrate. The Benefit of all of this intensity, while during the Mercury Retrograde, is the natural flow, encouraging you to slow down. To go deep within yourself. To enter deeply the present moment and let go of all of those “things” that are not here now, in front of you. Letting go of the worry and fears, based on what you do not have now, is the making peace, within yourself, with the present moment.

Settling into this new way, as in resting in the most Heavenly Sanctuary, is the new way of Being. Which is the freedom from suffering, and the freedom from resistance to what is, that you are evolving, moment to moment, into ~ Being.

During this now moment, and as the energies build and increase within your subconscious mind patterning, Love what you are. Love what shows up. Love what isn’t here now.

Understanding, that when you are ready, truly ready for what your Heart desires, greater than you can imagine, will be what you receive. Being ready to receive, is not the give me what I want way, of getting what you want. It is the Plan of your Soul, the design of you, that set all of this up, as the way, it is.

Enter deeply, within yourself, loving all aspects of your Being. As you love yourself more, you will know that every moment is perfect, and is always leading and guiding your awareness, into your living and Being Divine. The Limitless You. The you that receives the Love that is unconditional.

As the Sun always rises, you too, in your awareness, will enter into the Glory of your True Eternal Divine Self ~ Being, and you will know, All has Always been So.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Full Moon/Blue Moon in Aquarius~July31st, 2015



Once in a Blue Moon~ Aquarius Full Moon, Sun in Leo ~ July 31st, 2015 7:42am ADT.

A Blue Moon is when a Second Full Moon occurs during the Same Month. On July 1st we had a Full Moon in Capricorn. Once in a Blue Moon…with Venus retrograde on the 25th, and 6 other Planets Turning retrograde, what we have is a powerful awakening (if one is open to awakening) that only occurs once in a Blue Moon. The next Blue Moon will occur in 2018.

With the Sun in Leo and the Full Moon in Aquarius, we Have polar opposites to Harmonize within us. And with the intense energy of Uranus (Aquarius) which impacts sudden events, and the Blue Moon and Many Planets in Retrograde, we have an unparalleled, emotional body, purging, preparing one for the First Wave of Ascension, within.

Not Being ruled by the Ego and the reactions of the Emotional Body, is what Being Responsible is all about, One cannot act responsible if ONE does not See and Know whether they are functioning through THE HEART or the Mind/Ego.

It is so easy to get caught up in the Drama of the day, when One functions through the ego/mind. When the mind and emotional body rule the day through the lower vibrations of the Ego/Mind, one is a slave to circumstances. Being tossed to and through so to speak, into suffering.

The Heart, Light hearted and free, plays in the realm of Earth, as a child does, with no concern about anything. This is Freedom, which a very unaccustomed way of Being here on Planet Earth.

The Question is, when THESE powerful Subconscious drives are suddenly awakened within you what will YOU CHOOSE through your WILL? Will you enter your Heart and Allow the Love and Peace that surpasses understanding (of the ego/mind) Lead the way? Or do you Get caught up Being immersed in the World, instead of Observing your Being.

Being immersed in the world of drama you are not Seeing, you are not acting responsible.

There is a Tool (the form and incarnation) Placed in the hand of the awakened Master (Supreme consciousness) 

Are you immersed in Being the Tool (the form in incarnation)


Instead are You Being the skilled Master that uses the Tool. 

To Be Skilled one must be aware, and with these Profound energies shaking up all that is not firmly established in Harmony, Be ready for Sudden events, that will let loose the powers that Be, to stir up, shake up and Awaken all aspects of Being, that are Not in Union, with Divine Supreme Consciousness and Awareness of Pure Being.

What will it be? Are you Ready?

The Potential for Seeing, if you are ready, the True Love, Matching your Love, Blossoming Quickly, is the Mirror to you and Your Being, The Master that uses the Tool, wisely.

I am With You! And a Sacred Powerful Blue Full Moon!


Eternal Love and Bliss!!



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