New Moon/Solar Eclipse, April 19/20th ~ Eruption

This New Moon in Aries is on April 20th at 1:12 am ADT (for some of you on the 19th) and with the Solar Eclipse square Pluto we have a massive energy potential bursting forth. A profound eruption of energy. This may play out in many ways.

The Constellation Pisces is the actual place of the New Moon astronomically. Because of the procession of the equinoxes modern astrology and the signs do not line up with the sky. Over the last 2000 years the constellations have moved almost 30 degrees. I use the Constellations in the sky as the original astrologers did for my interpretations.

An eruptive force may be at play here as the Solar Eclipse already amps up the energy of the New Moon, adding to this we have a hard aspect with Pluto, a square.

Pluto the God of the Underworld is the ultimate for transformation; death and rebirth. On a mass scale, Pluto’s energy* leads all beings to evolving through rebirth.

This volatile combination may lead to greater violence and crisis on a mass scale, potentially greater financial crisis, war and increased mass killings. NOW, there is always a positive potential to the opposite of this energy.

Intense cathartic rebirth. If you read my previous post, which mentions going deeper within and facing your fears, this may very well lead you to a MAJOR breakthrough in your consciousness. This is part of everyone’s evolving.

The questions is what are you evolving through? Through Suffering or through deeper awareness and stillness within through your heart?

The heart is the master key, along with well needed full awareness within you to access it. This potential with this explosive energy may be the impetus to dissolve all of your fears completely.

So prepare through being aware of the greater intensity arriving. Bring your awareness to this, that is; of your true deeper inner self. What is the cause of all that you do, think, feel and your actions? Read my previous post to learn more.

Blessing all of you, with The Divine Council of Overseers, in your evolving, with grace and ease, in love.

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