A Call To REBIRTH πŸ’–πŸ’–

As always, slow down and relax, breathe deeply and slowly in a comfortable way. This allows you to move more into the present moment. As you read these words the deeper frequencies will go deep into your subconscious mind. All of this leads to your own greater transformation. Which allows sudden shifts to take place with greater ease.

There is a wide scale rapid transformation taking place on Earth. Some more positively and some more tragically. All beings on Earth are being impacted.

I have been on social media less, going through more Earth record clearing, during these momentous times of transformation.

The best thing you can do for yourself is learn to go deeper within yourself to truly know who you are. to learn what makes you do things that you do and things you don’t do. To know the cause of your being. The deeper reason why you say the things you do, the deeper reasons way you act the way you do, knowing all the unconscious reasons and patterns, is to become aware of what you previously were not aware of.

To learn the cause of you within you allows you to then transform it. So that the cause of your being matches the desired deep change that is required for all human beings on planet Earth as part of the greater Universal transformation.

Change is inevitable, change in the moment is highly doable. His fear of the unknown, this fear will not help you or anyone through this process.

Allow your own thoughts to be intimately known to you. This may seem simple and many of you may feel you are already aware of what really is going on deep down within you. There are always deeper levels that are unconscious that have led you to be exactly how you are. Some of those ways may be great and some of those ways may be a hindrance to the transformation required in a world that is rapidly changing.

The only way to go through, to rise from the ashes, will be through your own personal connection to the deeper levels within you, to the cause, of you. Many of you may find behind most of your ways of being there is fear. The fear that most people live with is of a future. This kind of fear, which impacts all of your decisions, and those around you, may be dissolved and used as the fuel, to rise out of the ashes, the old life.

The beings that know themselves, that love themselves will know of a greater life and that of eternity throughout this Universe and walk the Earth. To them the Earth will be new. Matching their own newness.

Embrace as much as you can with awareness a new way of being, through embracing your inner self, the cause. Knowing clearly what is helping you, what is holding you back and what your greatest fears are, then facing all of it, leads to the great stepping stone to your transcendence and rebirth.

When you reach the core level of your being you will see and know yourself as an eternal being of love. When everything is unearthed within you, you will exist in the state that defies all logic as we know it now. It is pure, it is expansive and the process completely rewrites your story. The new story of you is of glory, of love, of rising out of the old, of being new.

As all beings are transforming everywhere you too may rise to your newness. The old will pass away and the new will rise. In love and purity, like children, being. Being the pureness without any fear, without all the walls and protection mechanisms. Letting go of the old ways, embracing the new. Facing deep within you all that you are.

Of course we have always been present, for this deep rebirth, of all that is to be, which was planned before the beginning of the Earth creation, so now you also rise into the glorious state of being the eternal you. Being one with love, one with all that you are, forever and eternally.

As everything changes, we are with you, in love.

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