The Golden City of Light

For many of us most Canadians and Americans we will be Springing Forward with the Clock change at 2am on Sunday March 12, 2023. The amount of daylight has been steadily increasing and will continue to increase up until the June summer Solstice.

As we move closer to the Spring (Spring Equinox) the Sun continues to get higher in the sky and the higher angle in the sky, the warmer the weather. By the Equinox (March 20th) we will be half way to the highest Sun angle which takes place in June.

The Sun is the major player in all of this and the Spiritual Sun is connected to your inner Sun. Your inner temple, in which the sacred memories of always, are held deep within your Soul.

Many Ancient civilizations based their spiritual journey, awakenings and rituals around the Sun. The physical Sun and they Symbolic spiritual Sun within. Many initiations began in darkness in a tomb, then being freed and reborn into the Light, into the greater Sun.

This also plays a role here now. Without the elaborate tombs and initiations, we are being birthed out of the darkness, into the Greater Light. We are able to self initiate this process more deeply and symbolically within ourselves as daylight hours now begin to increase.

Symbolically and deep within your own subconscious, you feel this and know this. This rising and rebirth can take place in any and all moments. Yet, as we celebrate more daylight, let us focus on the dark of the winter passing (any darkness within) while allowing the emerging of your new self, (more glorious self) to be reborn, to be here ANEW once again.

I see and walk within a Golden City, that is made of crystal and gold light. The Elohim exist here and many beings of light. This is an ancient and eternal city and the children that exist there are the eternal children of Golden light.

All who exist there are bathed in this glorious golden light. The temples are sacred and holy with Light too beautiful to describe. The pathways, the steps to the temples and the streets are paved in glittering gold.

This is like a heaven and it is also of a higher frequency that many will exist in consciously as they shift to a higher frequency. The 5th dimension and beyond.

With The Elohim, The Queen of Light and The Divine Council of Overseers and many more Light Beings, let us bathe in this presence of this eternal Golden City NOW. Focus deep within to receive and see or feel this temple GLOWING within your heart now. Your DNA holds the memory of this, as all who agreed to this Earth school, incarnated with this memory.

Let the golden light of the eternal GOLDEN Sun bathe all of your awareness now and rest there as often and as long as you can. So that your consciousness prepares itself for the greater initiations about to take place. The end of darkness, (a death) and the rebirth to a New being, the YOU that is divinely aware of the eternal heaven within, the Golden city within, that is always bathed in the Golden Light of your Soul, forever.

Then on Earth, we rise as the Ancient Golden City, the Creator Gods, once again.

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