Full Moon March 7th, 2023 ~ RAPID SHIFTS

This Full Moon In Virgo on Tuesday March 7th at 8:40am, 2023. is a Powerful Full Moon! PREPARE to feel more as this intensity continues to build.

Sun opposite Moon plays out with increased tension between the subconscious programming and the conscious awareness. Of course this is all relative and specific to each person. Once the subconscious is conscious then there are no discrepancies between what is and what one desires.

Full Moon trine Uranus is positively aligned and will potentially dramatically allow for quick and deep changes within. Potentially new opportunities may present themselves and this is the ideal time to break habits, change things within and around you. Some people may act impulsively. For those that are ready this may be the perfect energetic impetus for a critical turning point to take place within their consciousness. This may lead to greater awareness and greater transcendence.

Full Moon quincunx Venus is not so easy. This may increase relationship tensions and also increase obvious imbalances in relationships. Also this may reveal the lack of balance of self love. I am not speaking of ego gratification through external means. True authenticity and self love. Those areas within you that potentially need to evolve, may be presented to you. Of course for the purpose of greater self love, therefore greater authenticity and greater ability to truly love unconditionally.

To help you prepare consider listening to the Full Moon Invocation (audio) below for your preparation. Even though this is not a New Moon; new beginning, it absolutely holds great potential power for greater transcendence, self love, authenticity and the ability to break old habits.

With The Divine Council of Overseers, in Divine Love, Always, L’Aura

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