Be The One who RISES From The Ashes

Here we are now as everything on Earth is shifting at a higher speed and through a higher frequency. This is felt deeply by all on planet Earth. Things are being torn down, the old way no longer can be and what was the norm is rapidly changing.

What appears as an upheaval in all areas of human life on planet Earth ~ is the process of decay; the death process, before the new Being and Earth rises fully.

In your own life, notice and be aware of the death and decay process of your inner world and also any changes you have gone through in your outer world.

Are they profound? Are you prepared for profound shifts?

Many say they do want changes, but the fact is many humans have a lot of fear to face within themselves before they are ready to let go of who they were, to then fully embrace being a new being. Yet the purpose of life is to evolve in this Earth school program. Or else you would not be here.

What is that thing you fear of the most? Spend time with it, make it your friend. Even now pause and if possible write down your worst fear.

Now, realize by holding tight to this fear and fearing its energy let us together shift it now.

Recognize the bad feeling of fear is the attachment to the belief the fear is real. Yet what is fear? Fight or flight.

Begin to accept that you are creating your reality. If this fear is predominant you are signalling this fear into the quantum field and attaching your creation to this outer world reality of yours.

To truly be transformed, we must let go of ALL fears and we must Begin wherever you are.

If this is too overwhelming and you are new to this, pick a smaller fear. Whether it is a moment or a week Earth calendar, accept and allow yourself the death and rebirth process of this fear to take place through you.

Step one ~ recognize you are creating your reality. Step two, the dominant energy your are holding onto creates the dominant theme in your life. Thirdly. recognize what you really want to create that is opposite to that fear. And lastly, accept that the fear itself was the only thing in the way.

The ashes that you rise up out of are the dissolved fears that were cleared through purification, that that are no longer attached to you.

So that you too may Rise from the Ashes as The Earth is beginning to, the old is passing away. Go with this flow, you to begin the decay of the old, into the new always NOW.

Blessing all The Divine Council of Overseers always present here ~ begin to RISE ~ and once risen fully will see and know, you truly were always that! In love, L’Aura

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