Dreaming The Multiverse

As I experience myself floating throughout the multiverse and one with it everywhere, I see the body dreaming. You see the God mind, independent of the body, is profound light, eternal ecstasy, beauty and limitless power, everywhere, UNMANIFEST.

This is the voice of the eternal. It is beyond words. Yet MANIFESTING itself as words.

Many that shed the manifest body, know this truth. They are the Divine Essence. One with the Quantum Multiverse. They are observing it into being and as they do, they create the new, that emerges from the power of the Void into manifestation.

To know that one is the Absolute, independent of the body, one has been changed and this creates a diversion in reality and circumstances that manifest a new Parallel World/Universe.

This power, this energy is constantly manifesting itself. It is the power that orchestrates everything into being.

You may experience this bursts of this through a loss of sense of time. When you are all consumed, with being all consumed. Then you are the energy, observing. The God Self.

That is, the alignment with this expansive self, independent of the body, is in fact the very substance that is Divine Being, to be manifested. The Divine Union, through the Heart (which is timeless) is the experience of you, knowing what you are.

You are this substance, everywhere. This light beyond light everywhere. The love, that is eternal, that is everywhere. It is the quantum energy that is the perfect feedback loop, of creative manifest through the substance of the Divine unmanifest.

As I Watch the body sleep, I dream the manifest into being.

You too are this eternal everything, everywhere, manifesting everything into being.

With the Manifested Divine Council of Overseers, one also with the Multiverse and beyond that is Unmanifest, we bless you into the change in consciousness and reality that results in a new parallel world experience for you. One manifested as pure love, free from everything that binds. Free from suffering. Free to be the all consumed, with all that is. In ecstasy.

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