The Greatest miracle is the simplest miracle, because it is what you are. Who you are, your true self, eternally.

The awakening and living through this true self; whether called self actualization, transcendence, or enlightenment, is the freedom from all mental and emotional suffering, whereas; your true self lives eternally as your true nature, an immortal being filled with pure joy and bliss.

Eternal Joy without cause.

This is your true self and natural state of being. You may call this eternal self your Ascended Self, or Cosmic God Self. As this self is limitless and free, eternal and present now.

Believing that the body is oneself and facing death, elicits the greatest of fears. Because the fear that YOU end and cease to exist is not the truth.

In fact you are here to embody the true you, to connect with and identify with your immortality while having a body on Planet Earth. To end your suffering, your fears.

That you are an eternal, immortal being. YOU do not die, you continue on, infinitely. This is the experience of the New Earth, being the Divine Being YOU, that never dies.

The true you is an immortal eternal being already. You are deathless.

When you stop identifying with the body as you, you open up to the experience and union with your true eternal self.

All fear leaves, all boredom leaves, all doubt leaves, all mental turmoil leaves, all emotional ups and downs leave, all sense of problems leave, all loneliness leaves. BECAUSE The True YOU exists in eternal Joy and Bliss, and is deathless as you were created to be.

This is the original Divine You. That knows only joy, whose heart has always been pure, that is immortal.

This is the greatest miracle and greatest discovery you can ever make in this lifetime and is the purpose of living a life with a body here on Earth. And sure there may be many fancy names for this. Simply put, it is the merging and joining with your eternal self, while having a form, on Earth.

Ascension, Self Realization, Transcendence, Enlightenment, Higher Self, Embodying your God Self, Cosmic Consciousness, whatever name you choose to call this. Either way it is the you that is immortal, that knows not suffering, that Is free from fear, whose heart as always been pure, that knows only love and joy, and exists eternally now.

Many fancy names have been given to this process of transformation, through which you come to exist as the real you. This knowing that you are not the body, often takes place with the experience of the death of the old self (the one that believed it was the body) with the birth of the knowing, WHAT AND WHO YOU REALLY ARE. An immortal eternal being.

The mystics knew this as a marriage with the Divine, the eternal Beloved. It is the state of union with the true you, where joy, love, bliss and happiness are eternally you.

Through this death and rebirth process there is a gradual letting go of old beliefs, attachments, resistance, grasping and fears, that only the belief in the body as self, supports.

Knowing the true self, supports only joy and bliss, the existing as an eternal immortal being, living only through purity and love, knowing not fear, forever.

This is the purpose of being here, to come to know who and what you truly are.

Step by step or suddenly, the merging with the true YOU, is everything.

It eliminates all suffering.

It is the New Earth and is is the Divine Ascended Being. It is true pure love and it is the truth that lives forever.

So in your heart now, feel the presence of the eternal you, see through this pureness of heart through all things, as the real YOU. Then you have entered into BEING the Immortal Cosmic God Self you.

Blessing you now and the end of suffering for all, with The Divine Council of Overseers, that have always been present, with The Queen of Light, Sanut Kumara, and all that you are eternally.

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