On Saturday September 10th, 2022 at 6:59 am ADT we have a Powerful Full Moon in Pisces, with Mercury Retrograde in effect today, September 9th, 2022.

Full Moons are powerful times to clear the emotional body and also clear out many aspects of your life. With the extra boost of Mercury Retrograde we have the flow of reorganizing, cleaning, restructuring, reevaluating plans, lifestyle and shifting in the NOW. As it forces on to slow down. This includes communication, reactions and decisions.

Saturn Square Uranus may bring challenges to the changes that you make. With the Full Moon sextile Uranus we have exciting changes and increased intuitive awareness that will help with the difficulties with Saturn square Uranus.

Now as I always caution everyone there are no two people alike. Everyone has a unique incarnation blueprint, that IS CONSTANTLY INTERACTING with the constant changes and shifts through the stars, constellations and planets.

How you feel and experience this will be unique to you. How far you have evolved or not will have an impact.

Evolved as in TRANSCENDED LIMITING patterns of belief, thought and reactive repetitive addictions and emotions.

Self love has always been the name of the game. It starts there. Being compassionate with yourself as you DO MAKE conscious changes WITHIN.

Examine your inner consciousness, watch those thoughts, be aware of old patterns, and release and clear out. All of my audio activations will help you shift back to you, the Higher Self Cosmic God self YOU.

Which is the only real you that exists only NOW.

Blessing you as we continue to expand our Heart, fill the Universe with love, through our abundance of inner peace, harmony and Love, all NOW. We Bless You! Now!

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