FROM ANOTHER WORLD, Autism, Neurodivergent And Neurotypical Beings

As I Celebrate Autism awareness month and the World Autism Day ~ April 2nd, 2022, I wanted to share a little about the different neurological ways of being and how the acceptance of the paradigm of neurodiversity is increasing on planet Earth. Yay! This is all part of the shift as a whole.

This is a great thing as unique Beings also bring forth their many gifts to humanity and are being treated with greater acceptance for being who they are just as they are.

The species as a whole is elevating itself into the full awareness of heart as the new Human Being, and as the Cosmic God Self emerges as the NEW Earth, NEW WAY. This includes neurodivergent and neurotypical human beings, of course.

Being Neurodivergent includes Autistics, Aspies, (formerly Asperger; now under the umbrella of Autism Spectrum) ADHD, Dyslexia (there may be more, I am focusing on Autism) as a way of neurological functioning though a brain that is wired differently and functions in ways that DIVERGE from the dominant SOCIETAL NORMAL.

The standard wiring of a societal normal brain or common brain wiring and functioning in society is considered Neurotyical. Anything other than the predominant way of functioning is considered neurodivergent.

Back to Autism, we have these amazing gifted human beings (neurodivergent) that are here on EARTH, yet in a sense many of them feel they do not belong here. This is shifting. The grand importance of their energy, through their uniqueness and many gifts, bless this world in so many ways. For the most part, these are the otherworldly beings more fully present within, yet here on Earth in a world that feels like a strange planet to them.

Let us appreciate Autistics and their uniqueness and their place in a dire world in the process of dramatic change.

In a small way it is similar to how it feels to being left handed in a right handed world. Being Autistic it is every part of your being (brain wiring) and how you function compared to neurotypicals is VERY different. Everything has been set up for Neurotypicals, like for right handed people.

Accepting and honouring the diversity of brain functioning is paramount as the accelerated Shift taking place on planet Earth continues to reveal itself.

The greater acceptance is being revealed, as more and more autists come forward and share their story, and the experience of being in a foreign world, in which they were never understood and once perhaps, never accepted because of being different.

This part of the puzzle piece, helps the WHOLE to emerge as the NEW DIVINE BEING.

One of love, acceptance, honour and appreciation for ALL BEINGS and the diversity of neurological ways AS being celebrated, Now!

As we bless all of you that are reading this, notice before you a New World Emerging; because it is, amidst the Chaos, the SUN eternally rises, and reveals itself through the clarity of Love and wholeness.

Present with you now, The Divine Council of Overseers, in eternal Love, through many many worlds! Now!

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