We are present with you acknowledging what many of you are going through. We are The Divine Council of Overseers, present again as always, with Sanut Kumara, The Queen of Light, The Elohim and The Pleiadian Council of Light.

The immensity of consciousness ready to embody itself, among all those who have prepared their heart, is the pivotal tipping point that manifests itself as The Divine Being. The Ascended self.

This is no small endeavour, as many of you have experienced many lifetimes of preparation for this.

Those of you in Full Mastery; present as The Earth was being designed, as well as the plan of the Human Form of embodiment, will remember clearly the intentions set for all of this that is now unfolding before you.

Many of you have existed in the Angelic Realms prior to this Earth experience and with full excitement signed up for this your program of bringing the awareness of Unconditional Love, to this Earth embodiment experience.

We offer full healing to all of you that have been experiencing many challenges that are new to you in and during the full transformation of your form. This is your transfiguration through the Union of Your Heart, with that which you ARE eternally.

What you truly ARE, whatever you choose to call this, either your Higher Self, Ascended Self, Cosmic God Self, this is the YOU that is eternal.

All of this is so beyond what your current awareness has allowed you to identify yourself with and As.

This VASTNESS OF BEING, is your natural state, throughout this Universe. And the Universe representing the vastness of this limitless light, represents even a part of what you are. YOU ARE BEYOND THAT.

This expansion of awareness takes you through the Stages of Being through your Heart that UNITE you with what you truly ARE.

The tipping point of the Heart expansion, opens the windows for you to SEE and KNOW and Experience all that you are. This is why you are here. To move away from the limited beliefs of being boxed into a limited form and to EXPAND YOUR AWARENESS into that which you REALLY ARE.

THE LOVE and awareness then begins to be embodied through every breath. This activates your DNA, your eternal Divine Power, and expands into the full embodiment of your eternal self. This is your Ascended Self in the here and now.

Already present and also, awaiting your awareness to be that, aware of what you ARE.

This is why we are present with you.

Your Awareness then becomes the almighty awareness of YOU, the you where nothing is outside of it. This is the eternal Glory that you ARE, that you are uniting with through this Activation of your awareness.

You must KNOW through experience what you Are to embody this and reach within yourself your own tipping point, to BE THAT WHICH YOU ARE.

OUR PRESENCE, creating this Universe, expanding your heart, comes to the awareness of this.

You enter your freedom, the moment, the Beloved experience of ALL THAT IS, that you Are. This is your true home. This is the full awareness of all that you are.

Feel the Universe expand in your heart, to then surround you and for YOUR eternal Self to consciously allow you to BE aware of this, feeling this, we activate YOU now, to feel this as YOU.

It is in this that we activate YOU, linking your awareness through your heart, expanding this throughout the Universe, activating the awareness in your cells, the fluid that surrounds your cells in liquid golden light, with that which you ARE eternally , throughout the Universe, BREATHE THIS TRUTH IN NOW.


YOU ARE FLOWING WITH THIS, as all that you are.

In the golden liquid Light of the Central Sun, into your heart EXPANSION. FLOWING through the tipping point, into this full awareness, now.

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