Your DNA communicates through DIVINE frequency and light. Your eternal consciousness is also an awareness frequency level that constantly radiates itself. This light is eternal communication. So perfect it radiates throughout all dimensions, all worlds and galaxies instantly. Faster than the speed of light.

This communication throughout the entire matrix of reality perception at the highest is hyper communication, constantly aware of itself everywhere. This is very similar to the internet.

You exist within a holographic world of frequency and your interaction within it creates your perception of reality. The highest level is the highest level regardless whether there is a perception of it.

To connect with greater awareness of the highest levels of your DIVINITY and access this constant communication going on ENTER your heart. NOW, this moment.

Deep within your heart awareness are all of the codes that fully activate your DNA to awaken to this constant connection and communication of you throughout this Universe, not dependent or connected to time.

To enter your heart and expand your heart to the fullness of all that you are, take a deep breath and feel this moment. Feel your heart beating and continue breathing slowly.

As you breathe slowly and consciously and feel your heart beating, your DNA responds to this and it is in these moments and in all moments that your eternal DIVINE SELF, independent of thoughts, beliefs or time, AWAKENS WITHIN YOU as your, your DIVINE GOD SELF, now.

Feel this and always remember this. With each breath, your eternal connection awakens through your heart, activating your DNA. Your awareness, your heart expansion, your DIVINITY with each breath, NOW.

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