So many say it is only NOW yet when a tragedy happens or someone is down and out it becomes, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, or worse yet this too will pass.

Both of those common expressions POINT to a future and an escape of now.

I recently saw a man who appeared not to have a home, during a prolonged and intense heat wave laying passed out at the side of the road. I checked if he was ok and brought him water then later brought him a large jug of cold water. AS it was clear he needed help at that moment.

For many people emergencies help them see the importance of being present, as we literally do not know how long the bodies that we supposedly have will suddenly no longer be.

The attachment to the body is the huge thing. I am this or that, this will get better. YET no matter how great an intention is to CHANGE ONLY NOW, it still leads to suffering.

Buckle up, get on with it, this will make you stronger, this too will pass. Although there may be some truth to it as in 3D attachment to a future. IT does not acknowledge the everlasting peace and grace of the acceptance of now.

You brake your leg, someone gets cancer, it is not about the future, it is about now. This will pass, well will it? They may die the very same hour. Or the next moment,

Being in the now is not escaping the now. Human suffering exists. The transcendence of it is not denial of it.

It is acceptance, my body is suffering, they are suffering, their body is suffering. NOW we can give love.

NOW we can care only about now. NOT what next week will hold or even the next moment. Forget about another moment even existing, then that is now.

When ALL THERE IS is only now, even with the body suffering, there is love, their is acceptance, there is ONLY NOW!

True love only exists now. It is not based on circumstance. It is not based on a future. It ONLY exists now.

Your Divine Self only exists now.

There is nothing else, There is only now!

So if you are depressed, suffering KNOW that love exists now and that that is your deep SOLACE now.

You are loved, the body suffers, the body celebrates, the MOMENT IS ALL WE HAVE. We are not trying to change now or hang on to a future date. JUST now. It is only now.

Love yourself have compassion on your body. Just now, only now and in eternity. In love.

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