Weaving in and out of varying frequencies we breathe in all the dimensions as the fulfillment of what is, now comes into being.

All dimensions have always been linked as one.

My visit last night and for many nights now were with Beings who visit close to Earth in light Ships. They are connected to the Divine Watchers and have had existences in multiple worlds and Universes. They told me they have appeared on Earth and will continue to do so. I gladly welcomed the opportunity to meet with them and to be on their Lightship.

Humans, in the old way of being, are not quite ready for the unfolding of what is to be, they told me.

For how we appear, as if a different species, is yet to be understood by those on Earth. For our apparent differences are not what are visits are about.

This is about the cosmic expansion and all that what we do share in common.

For we are all part of this fabric of frequency dimensions. They are all linked in a timeless universe, in which we are all citizens of. As we shift into the space, through the heart, this becomes the conscious reality for all.

Recognize when you think you are LITERALLY creating the result of these thoughts. Be mindful in all moments. Be aware. BE conscious, be present in your Heart.

For the gateway to this TIMELESS UNIVERSE is on the verge to be the new normal Human Way of Being and the resting place of all the DIVINE throughout this and many Universes.

In this we activate you.

Form is not what you think, neither is creation. Neither are your thoughts, what you assume them to be. Let go of all of that attachment.

Be in your heart in the sacred eternal space of the Divine. This space is the FREQUENCY AND LIGHT, THAT merges your awareness to the timeless eternal state.

In Divine LOVE, with The Divine Counsel of Overseers, and many more Divine Beings, we bless you in all ways now.

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  1. Mercedes Belalcรกzar Mejia

    Today in the morning I looked at the sun for a moment, it was dim, I saw the little stars around it and it turned into various colors, including purple. Then I closed my eyes, and I saw an intense green color and then I saw a golden tunnel and in the center a large red flame. After in meditation for a moment I had a vision or a sensation that something was being lifted within my heart and my soul or the figure of a being of light came out.
    โค โค I Love you โค โค โค โค Eternal Love, Bliss and Gratitude โค โค โค โค

  2. Grateful for this and all activations! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’—

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