Does this mean I am stupid? Or less intelligent?

FAR from it. They KNOW NOW the human species labeled NEANDERTHAL because of where the first bones were found. WERE far from stupid. They were highly intelligent beings and they were also found to be VERY loving and advanced in their caring for others.

They were often blonde and blue eyed and had fair skin. UNLIKE the old not true depiction of them as ape like.

I look Neanderthal.

Neither dumb, stupid or uncaring, these beings survived much and we as the current human species would DO WELL to be like them. To live more through the heart. To in fact be grateful and honour all the SACRED SPECIES here on Earth.

That live on not only through reincarnation, but also exist now in the higher dimensions and also here through the forms that carry the ancient NEANDERTHAL DNA. I am part Neanderthal, I love them, honour them and bless them now! They STILL EXIST.

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  1. Hello, Neanderthal sister! I had a past-life flash on those times. Warm, yes. Calm and loving between people. Wonderful.

  2. ~ Many Thank you ~ Dearest L~Aura ~!~
    ~ Especially here, in this profound anciet Message, for the Neanthal Wo~Man ~!~
    ~ P~

  3. Beautiful! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’œβœ¨ Thank you for sharing!

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