The Night The Sky, The Stars DO Light

As the river dried, the ravens flew. The sun it lessened, the leaves changed too.

The moon it’s spell, held captive hearts. Dreams of races with giants, as darkness fell.

Whispers and secrets they dared to share. Held monsters eyes and the foreshadow laid bare.

Who to know what dreams do tell. Within lovers hearts, the hidden layers fell.

The night the sky, the stars do light, the hidden hell seen within their sight.

As sunrise shakes the once glamour spell, the moving flowers, do love they tell.

As honey and the bees do gather, the bride and groom watch closely, their appearing manner.

To be held high as tides do change, the simplest bow removes the chains.

The final showing, the magic mirror they see, the forever beauty, that sets all captives free.


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  1. Beautiful! 🙏🏻❤️✨

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