Any emotions of FEAR, WORRY and Concern are NOT love. This is attachment to outcome and to the external how one THINKS IT SHOULD BE. This is how the lower self functions, within a set of beliefs, based on how things should look to be right. It is the path of the lower self. That judges things as good or bad, based on the beliefs set in time.

In other words the lower self is never present.

IT IS like the unconscious part dictating. what life is versus what it should be and what it needs to feel good. That none of it is love.

Majority of people walk around saying things, doing things, thinking things, feeling things that they are completely unaware of. These almost are like robots set to a program of unawareness.

I have written about love a lot. Shockingly, still people cannot tell what love is or is not. I suggest keeping a copy of the Higher Self versus ego meter with you to refer to. SOME have and find it most helpful to their developing awareness.

Love is a state of PURE BEING through the heart.

The indicators of love is ONE IS IN THE MOMENT. Does not care about the past, has let it go, and lives only in the now.

When in this love state one does not think and worry about time.

One does not have a set of guidelines as to how things should be or look externally. EVER.

One knows at some level everything is meaningless. And simply lives AS IS. Now.

In love there is no underlying judgment of self.

If something comes up, love gently holds it and it dissolves into this love.

This love is neutral through all experiences. Love lets go moment to moment. And lives only in the now. Love is joy, is beauty and is bliss. That shows up NO MATTER what circumstances present themselves.

Love is the natural state of pure being. It is the state that the eternal self exists through. It is the awakened human being to now. To what is. To clear seeing and knowing. To BEING THE DIVINE. The Ascended Self. To being the multidimensional being. As all is PRESENT IN THE NOW.

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  1. So grateful for this sacred Activation! I love you! 🙏🏻❤️✨

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