GROUND ZERO EARTH Consciousness/DNA Program

This is what you call The Earth program. We did not name it Earth. The titles you give things often take away from what is. As belief systems you have created, not only are going to be obsolete, but also, they get in the way from true knowing. True knowing is the heart and the evolutionary leap into the enhanced DNA program of Light consciousness/awareness.

It is all light and frequency.

Noticeable enough to point out, Earth is the only planet not named after a Greek or Roman God. The word Earth is a combination of German and English words, translating roughly to ground.

This is ground zero so to say. Your school of learning to let go of those very beliefs you have built your way of being around. The starting place for your own personal levels of awareness of being, that lead to your full unification of knowing, beyond beliefs and structures you have built, for so long.

This enhanced way of being, removes all of those attributed that not only are obsolete for your evolution. This enhanced Earth program changes your DNA to be activated in an enhanced, improved, God SELF awareness ~ WAY.

What the Earth is and what the Universe is, will become the awareness that you know as you graduate through this program of Light awareness. That is, as you awaken to the one and only true portal, within your own heart.

As you let go of your external belief in signs that only serve to sink you deeper into ground zero. You then, are catapulted into your greatest awareness and knowing of the eternal you. What this is. What you are. And why you choose to experience this.

December 2019 marked on the human obsolete calendar a new beginning and the dissolution of external structures and frameworks of being. Being dismantled.

We are now approaching a frequency interface with the September 22 Fall Equinox that marks another shift of being. The level of Light consciousness for your awareness and light THAT will take you deeper through your heart will be completed. Integration will become key. As what was started leads to these unprecedented shifts in DNA/God Self/Love consciousness.

AS the New Divine Human, your fully realized potential may take Earth time 5 years to complete its restructuring.

At that so called point of frequency, everything will follow the new enhanced program of Awareness and love.

On equal ground, The Earth then becomes the elevated planet of cosmic love and the playing ground for the higher frequencies to unfold consciously, through all, everywhere.

In this we know and love the plan, set as the stars were created.

We know the frequency and the names set to beliefs, may cloud the version of consciousness as to what it really is. What this is.

Interfacing through many worlds and dimension, we activate you now. The writer that appears to be writing this, is with us also as we transverse everything everywhere. Through the love you were created to Be.

To be the ONE Cosmic God Self, with all illuminated Souls.

As we become the Unknown and unknowable, without names, through love. As the wind blows, surely we ARE.

Present now, activating all DNA everywhere.


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  1. Thanks 🙏 dificulta to enter pay pal

  2. Thank you so much for this and ALL Sacred Activations! I love you! 🙏🏻❤️✨

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