Full Moon ~ LUNAR ECLIPSE in Sagittarius, June 5th, 2020, POLARITY

jan7th2020Wow this will be a huge polarity rush of emotions and an intense profound opportunity to embrace through your heart what is now as OPPOSED to what one desires now. This FULL Moon and LUNAR Eclipse is on FRIDAY one 5th, 2020 at 4:12 pm ADT.

What to expect? Like any Full Moon expect EMOTIONS to come up, ONLY magnify that with the emphasis on the polarity. Love and Hate. Peace and fear. THEY come up to make peace with all of it.

To BECOME that master, all is meaningless, except for what we DECIDE to give a meaning. A LOT of this may be subconscious. YOU may think you know this. YET things still come up for you. That is great too as the opportunities ABOUND to go back to NOW. TO only this moment. TO ONLY this BREATH. Are you staying with that focus??

Add to the mix impulsive angry MARS which is square to the Lunar Eclipse. Feelings of being hurt. Of hurting someone. Will go deep and of course the true DEPTH is within you. When you love yourself no one can hurt you. You live knowing you are only the flow. And how anyone else is has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. OF course EGO would love to think so. AS if one has power to over others. NO its all YOU and it IS ALL THEM!!

This FULL MOON and LUNAR eclipse is also opposite Venus, tension, laziness, gluttony are on the table as well as self pity. You know the old victim attitude, why ME?

VENUS Retrograde may open the doors for DESTINY to show up. And or fate, what needs to take place so that what is hidden within you will ARISE ~ will show up. It is all perfect. In the flow it is beauty and bliss.

VENUS square Mars, well, tension, anger, strain, hate WAR, whatever it is. ONLY through the heart does the polarity become the UNION so desired. Through this flow and space, it is all love and beauty.

There are signs of greater WAR. Also in that is the potential for greater peace.

And that is WITHIN YOU, STOP looking out there. Look within. Point that finger back to you. Spend time in SILENCE. LEARN ABOUT YOURSELF. KNOW yourself.

MORE importantly LOVE yourself. NO better frequency time to enter your heart. In the midst of chaos, one may blossom into the Divine Self fully through form.

Why not now? Why not you? What on EARTH ARE YOU WAITING for. The signs are all present.

It will not be a space ship that saves you.

It will be YOU ONLY uniting with your Eternal Cosmic God Self, that opens the DOOR wide, to CONSCIOUSLY and finally BEING ~ the presence of ALL That is. Now! Do you hear this?  Are you paying attention?

Now and now, with The Divine Council of Overseers, we bless you all now, THROUGH THIS THE FLOW OF Cosmic God Self LOVE.

Manifested on Earth now. Through all that flows. Now!


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  1. I see one yes

  2. ~ Question ? ~ Did my long(er) Comment/Memo been send ?

  3. ~ Dear L~Aura ~ You are a Full Go(o)ddess Moon ~!!!~
    ~ Laura ~ In April the COSMIC ORDER~DISCIPLINE installed/anchored/ingrained
    the last 131 til’ 144 LIGHT COLUMN ~ PILLARS at/in great Towns of the Earth ~
    ~ Also 1 more (145 ) in/to the MOON ~!!!~
    ~ By LWV Verlag Vienna/Wien ~ (LightWorldPublish
    ( I partaked in a Way of Meditation the INGRAIN + with 145 Euro-Dollars )
    ~ ~ ~
    ~ Node : Also Pleiadian Light~Form~Space~Ships save us ~!!!~
    ~ For Example : They weaken the Repercussion/Impact/Implication/Ram-ification of
    Covid 19 ~!!!~ ( I possess a good English/America/n Translator )
    And so much more ~!!!~ Without the great Support ~ Help ~ Contribution ~
    WE wouldn’t OVERCOME into the * Golden Age * ~!!!~
    ~ ( I felt this since the 70-ties ~ 1989 I’ve got the first Books n’ Magazins …
    a lot of very extraordinary lonesome Troubles,Experiences,Sorrows n’ much more
    follwed for a long Time,for Example FULL SURVEILLANCE til’ via SATELLITE
    n’ until today … I know why I write this at the Collective “Plain” -!!!- )
    ~ ( I’ve got an financial Heritage in this Day’s ~ I will try to find, still one time, in the
    next Days, a save protected Bank Account from you.(Or contact you still one time.
    For my Support ~ Energie~Equation ~ Cossel/Expenditure/Expense Equation ~
    Contribution n’ also for a … Bouquet ~ Posy of your Choice from me ~!~
    ~ In great Appreciation ~ L~Aura ~ Queen of ( FullMoon ) Light ~!!!~

  4. Thank you so much L’Aura and the Divine Council of Overseers! So grateful to receive, always 🙏🏻 I love you! 💚🌟

  5. Brianna11:11

    Thank you so much, dear L’Aura and The Divine Council of Overseers! I love you! ❤️

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