Day 7 ~ THE Death of The Man Made Machine

L'AuraThis is the END of A CYCLE and it is coming crashing down literally.

Your role in witnessing this ~ is to stay present in your HEART and to trust the plan laid out for you is perfect, because it is.

The machine is the society that was built as a way of living and being. With governments having power, churches having power. People with money having power. To rule over society and decide how it will be. Often for self gain.

We are being brought down to the bare bones of existence to recognize the HEART.

To recognize and acknowledge that which is NOT man Made.

To recognize that which is eternal through US.

Sure political things are still going down. What is being exposed is HOW the old system did not work. That is, did not work for the health, love and PRESENCE of the PEOPLE. PRESENCE of the DIVINE human being to be here NOW.

Slaves to a system that did not have the conscious eternal LOVE present within it as the guiding space for all.

As I write this and bless all of YOU and throughout the world.

KNOW that a huge transformation is also taking place of the MILKY Way Galaxy ITSELF.

And through this the entire Universe.

The upheaval and pain, are the birthing pains of the new and the death of the old way of being.

If you are new to reading this, the 13 days following the EQUINOX are the most powerful energies for you to ENTER your Heart. Those in their Heart will be the embodiment of DIVINE LOVE that the NEW Earth will exist through.

After the 13 days, there will be the 6 month window, till September 20th, 2020 that will SET the stage for those in their HEART to fully embody the NEW DIVINE Being consciously on EARTH.

NOW is what the ancient prophets spoke of. It is happening now.

As much as possible spend time in silence. Enter your heart and connect with that part of you that is unseen that is eternal.

THIS IS your only HAVEN for that which will catapult you when ready into the New Earth ~ NEW Being experience.

In this and in the LOVE and Healing of all those on EARTH, we activate you now, through this the eternal flow of love, always!


A HUGE thank you to all of you that have DONATED!! ALL of this is ON HOLD as of NOW as we go through this TRANSITION PERIOD. If you are wanting to donate to me personally (which I am not asking for) contact me personally. HOLDING you all in LOVE through this transition! 

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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