Light Ship ~ Activating — The New Divine Humanity

Welcome aboard the Light Ship of your Transformation. Your consciousness knows this. To feel THIS ~ Breathe. Consciously. We suggest you always consciously be aware of your breathing. Being connected to the creation of this Universal system of Light, we WEAVE within your DNA the codes of your remembering. In the crystal City of the Elohim […]

via Light Ship ~ Activating — The New Divine Humanity

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  1. ~ LIGHTSHIP ~ CD ~ Tom Kenyon ~ ! ~
    ~ Very highworthy ~ Sounds of a Arcturian Lightship ~ Cl~ear acustic created
    only with Tom Kenyon’s nearly 4 Octaves hold/embrace Voice ~!~ (65 Min. )
    ~ Dear L~Aura ~
    Is it ok for you, that I suggest this *Moodfulllight Lightship* CD ?
    ~ With heartfulllight Wishes
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~ Node ~ Excuse my Please :
    Today I’ve read your Info,that since 4.April there again a Pay-Pal Button is “installed”
    at your Writing Site. I just searched for it,half an Hour, but can’t find anyone. I will go on,try to find, n’ inform you regarding the Result, or transfer the Money with a Message.
    ( Dear L~Aura ~ As I already wrote to you; I’m not very Facebook capably -!-
    Will write there a Message to you regardin’ … )

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