In Loves Embrace ~ The Light Forever Shines

The New Divine Humanity

In Loves embrace the Light forever shines, like silky waves, in the never-ending summer time.

Glistening rocks, the Sun shining above, echoes deeply, our forever true love.

My heart your heart, the living branches, entwined in ecstasy, our breath magically dances.

Singing, whispering, all that is known, bringing here now, loves true home.

Eternity surprises, as all unfolds, the sacred truth, we rest in our destiny abode.

Cosmic swirling, enchanting trance, shifting timelines, in a moments glance.

We fall deeply in love, like nothingΒ before,Β our treasure washed up, on the first Dawn of the New Earth shore.

Loving, holding, heavens bliss filled heart, in this we know, we never do part.

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  1. The Oneness of this moment is all here

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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