Transported to The 5th Dimension ~ Through Love

The New Divine Humanity

The Actualized Presence of your Self Realized Being, is the freedom you experience from 3D and 4th Dimensional belief structures. steeped in fear.

Those filters of awareness are dissolving now. Breathe consciously.

Although you may have manifested a life that has layered itself with walls of fear that appear to block the doorway to a grander way of being.Β Know that those walls within your subconscious as fears are now being dissolved into YOUR God self.

The Frequencies of Light in this transmission, shift your DNA to the greater Alignment AS your Cosmic Being.

There are some that will choose to stay in the 3D and 4th Dimensional levels, all is perfect. As consciousness is not what you may think it is. ALL is experience.

Stepping into your NOW new freedom, is the eternal YOU accessing through your heart your Original Light.

Receive and breathe deeply.

The symptoms in the form…

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  1. Thankyou L’AURA, every time I get an email from you, it’s regarding exactly what I am going through/dealing with. We need this support at this time & especially to know we are not alone or going a bit nuts. 😊 Thankyou for your time & helpfulness. 🌸🌸🌸

    On Thu, 26 Jul. 2018, 2:29 am The New Divine Humanity, wrote:

    > The New Divine Humanity posted: ” ” >

  2. Irina Likholet

    Many thanks πŸ’–

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