Timeline Shifts ~ Entering A Parallel World

The New Divine Humanity

Your Reality ~ Your consciousness ~ Your Light.

Entering now an awareness that allows all to shift, in ways beyond your imagination. Receive this activation now.

The Pleiadian are present. The Elohim are present. The Divine Council of Overseers are present. It is all united, in this the sacred plan of Divinity. All Now.

As you enter Higher Dimensional awareness and visit timelines and parallel worlds, YOU shift your frequency here. In your form. Your DNA awakens as the transmitters of frequencies that they are.

You in parallel words are transmitting to you here.

You shift here and shift there.

You are connected.

When you consciously enter these parallel worlds, you feel and know your Light here as the traversing of no time, throughout all dimensions, in the present moment.

Your center, the Presence of YOU made manifest as it is.

Centered in your Heart you enter the present moment…

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Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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