Shifts In Consciousness ~ Frequencies and Dimensions Now

The New Divine Humanity

ALL Night long the form could not move as event after event unfolded.

My room shifted and and objects changed to match the Dimension I was experiencing.

Shifts began as I found my cell phone time changing the current time” to a different time, timeline.

I was catapulted into Being in the center of the Universe as it was being birthed into existence.

The Events Last Night were beyond what could be imagined.

The world of energy as Light and Frequency is merging the 5th Dimension of consciousness HERE ~ now ~ at an increased rate of frequency.

You may call this an accelerated momentum, beyond anything previously imagined.

When the me existing in the NEW Earth appeared to me, which my consciousness here, usually visits there…(as I do all dimensions) she told me about the form here adjusting significantly and is always taken care ofΒ as the final transformations take…

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Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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