Sacred Sex; The Eternal Kiss ~ BEING Present

The New Divine Humanity

Sacred Sex: The Eternal Kiss, The Union.

In Sacred Sex we become One, we merge Body, Heart and Soul in Union. The Eternal Sacred Kiss is the Soul Merging through Sacred Breath, with The Beloved. Your Twin. In the Moment, in the Heart as Union.

Kissing; to touch or caress with the Lips. The lips and breath are Sacred and connect you in the Moment with Your Heart and Your Soul.

The Breath in the Moment is Eternity Experiencing itself. The Kiss merges The Heart and Eternity, in the NOW.

Your Breath is Your Soul.

Your Kiss, through your Heart AwarenessΒ is the Passion of your Soul ~ Union.

Your Kiss is a Sacred Portal Merging your Heart with another Heart and becoming One in Sacred MYSTICAL Union.

Have you ever noticed you can tell how close you are by How you kiss? or How you have stopped kissing?Β  the level…

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  1. Marja Thibaudier

    SacredπŸ’ž L’AuraπŸ’ž
    I Adore this and YouπŸ’ž

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