Merging PARALLEL Worlds and Higher Dimensions ~ NOW

The New Divine Humanity

There is a constant interplay that is taking place, that most people are unaware of. An in and out of, so to speak, of varying frequencies. When you exist consciously in many dimensions at once, you can see this taking place in people around you.

Timelines are similar to a movie, the streaming appears seamless.

The more present you are of consciously existing in the eternal moment, the greater your awareness of these shifting in and out of theseΒ parallel worlds and future timelines, NOW. All occurring now. The so-called past and future, as part of this interplay of frequencies.

Drawing different versions of you into your present state of frequency consciousness is a process taking place.

After all, you are present in all of them, through the different frequency versions of you.

The Specific next level future timeline YOU is the process of expanding into and shifting back into the…

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Posted on November 13, 2017, in The Pleiadians. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Brigitte Regine Feaster

    Thank you L’Aura… at times I can feel this, I know myself to be a vibrational composite of all frequencies…thank you …I appreciate your role model. I love you very much throughout infinity….Brigitte

  2. Powerfully Felt And Deeply Receiving, ❀️ I Love You L’Aura ❀️ Thank You ❀️❀️❀️

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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