Rebirth in Divine Consciousness ~ The Light that You Are

The New Divine Humanity


Becoming, passing through from the old to the New. A death and rebirth. In the stillness, between breaths. The eternal moment, beyond breath. Beyond awareness. Beyond time. Deep in the Void.

Held in the Void of the Mother. Christos consciousness and Pistis Sophia, merged together As the ILLUMINATED consciousness. That you ARE.

Held in the womb. Held in the Void.

This eternal Holding place, the Void, is where all Creation Arises.

All Light. Formless. No birth. No death. You are.

Experiencing form, arising from the Void.

You as a Soul began.

Emanating from the void as your Soul Star Creation Matrix.

Through what may appear as separate filtering down existences, into various frequency dimensions, you experienced form, life.

Although they have felt like separate experiences. They were all created at once. Through the emanating and arising from the Void, into you, as your Soul. You are now expanding into this…

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