Feeling your Original Luminous Light ~ Your Soul Star Matrix

The New Divine Humanity


Are you ready to tangibly feel the Presence of Your Soul Star Matrix? If so, you may want to read this through once. Then slowly follow the instructions. Practise this daily and feel the POWERFUL Shift  within your own awareness and within your life and body. I am with you through this.

This will open your Heart to the Eternal Love that you ARE. Already. 

There is no time in timelessness and in this eternal Luminous Light, that is your Soul Star Matrix. Let us being, shall we.

Take a few slow breaths, consciously.

On the inhale feel the air move into your nostrils slowly filling your abdomen, and feeling your belly slowly expand. Pause, before exhaling. Then gently and slowly exhale, feeling your belly lower and more towards your spine. Pause again. Continue for a few minutes. Inhaling and exhaling this way.

Now as you inhale, breathe also into your…

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