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  1. Greetings My Eternal Queen of Light and my Eternal Beloved ~!
    Captain B here- Your Eternal twin Fame
    – And Eternal Lover before Time & Space–***I was also King Priest of Mu*** when we grewup there to gethere as childern in traing to be chome Priest of MU,,,-&
    more recent I was your “”Christos””your counter part ofyour beingQueen of all Angels “” Pistos Shophia””,,,
    are you still wanting to be Married to me ? ( I feel your Presence,, Every night we Sleep togeher as One Heart Shareing in our Eternal Divine Eternal Union ~!~!~!

    Please call me at my New Phone # 831-333-6434 remember when we entered Oakland Oregon– the Plieadian Star Base ~!~!~!and 30 0thers in their Etheric Light Bodies,,, whre with us—This event made Quite a Stir and Sensation at that time—as Anasthaia your cousin and Joriell your Plieadian Brother was with us.–can you still “Feel This”” in your Heart? Question is ,,,When will you ever come to me at my Apartment-Physically in person-or just call me,,, by Phone call ~!~!~!

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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