Feel Now the Treasure Within

Suddenly you Hear a Voice calling your Name and you wake from the state of sleep. You look around and no one is there. The Formless speaks to those that can hear. You begin to smell flowers and your MIND wonders how is this possible. You begin to Question everything you CANNOT see. Your mind becomes very busy and Loves the job of always waiting and looking outside.

You Make your coffee and turn on the News, and Now you feel comfortable this is REAL you say. The fighting Battles, the Heroes and Villains, this is what life is made of I know it. When the adrenaline resides you seek more.
Someone will rescue you us, you say. So you keep your mind  Engaged in WHAT is comfortable for you and DOES NOT take you out of your comfort zone.  The Aliens will come, you Cry out. Or maybe a Saviour. You Keep Looking outside and  it keeps you Blind and closes your Ears and Eyes to Eternity.

One day something changes, this time not on the Outside or on the News.  No one solved your personal suffering. There were more battles on the News. No real victories, because the battles continued.

You find yourself one Day Still for a few moments, something captures your awareness and you move into stillness,  you Pause and you begin to Breathe.  Suddenly you are Overcome with the Deep sense of overwhelming Love holding you, and you weep Healing Tears that Soften your Heart and fill all of your Being with overwhelming Bliss. . You cannot stand on your feet as this power is immense and you are Overcome by it.  You allow this Love to Move into you deeper; you stay with it and feel it deeply reaching your deeper inside.   You Know it is real because Deep Down you have Waited for this Forever. The Dream you have waited for  has come True.

Suddenly you are filled with Love and Bliss. Everything looks different now. You can pause and always feel this Love and you are aware of it even when you Sleep. You Hear the Voice of your Soul and You welcome it.  You have compassion for all Life Now.  You wish all to Feel this Love within themselves that you are experiencing.

You Now realize all you were EVER SEARCHING FOR was always within YOU. All you have EVER DESIRED was ALWAYS Deep inside you. You are in Ecstasy and Bliss. You Have found the Greatest Treasure on Earth. You Have found your Soul within you. You have Awakened.

You have United the Formless within the Form.


Nothing now can EVER move you from this KNOWING within YOU.

When you walk you feel Part of everything around you now.  When you sleep you are Aware and Awake.   When you go through your day you are filled with Deep Joy.

You stay looking Within always and For Eternity Now.

The Love within YOU is the Treasure You have been seeking. It has always been within YOU.

I cannot give you my truth my friends, I can help YOU to Feel YOURS; and it is indeed within you calling you evermore inside you Now.

We will all be awake and meet in Eternity my friends and we will say How great a Joy to have Loved and Awakened together in this Dream.  And We Will all be Real and we will all be Love.

My Love in Eternity is with you Now.




copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.







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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. When I read this , it was like you read my heart and soul and poured its essence into this page.

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