Which Reality?

I had a friend ask me yesterday, so if everything is now, and LIfe happens,  do we have a say in what we experience in the so-called future.

There are many Different Potential Now Futures that exist simultaneously. Just like you are also existing somewhere else now.

The ONE that you experience is the ONE you are focusing on.

Consciousness is the reason you are experiencing yourself on Earth.

You are not in your body your body is inside of YOU! You are the Universe and All Your existences, all the Futures in the Now are inside you. NO thing is separate. Where you place your attention, THAT will become your reality as consciousness experiencing itself.

Vibrate in Harmony then your REALITY is Ease and Grace.

Be Present and you will Know and experience yourself as the Universe. The true Secret of the Mysteries is One. Being ONE.

All existences, all experiences, past and future lives exist  Now and are ONE.

Love to all of You everywhere, NOW!




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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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