ImageMiracles, What are they?

The most frequent comment I hear about Miracles is that they are a rare occurrence and only happen when absolutely needed such as life and death emergencies. And although those miracles stand out with great drama, they do begin to question the view of everyday reality to those that witness those events.

Let’s examine briefly what miracles are currently believed to be. Most people believe they are events that occur that do not fit or follow the “normal rules” of the way earth reality exists. They usually include one or more of the following, visions, healing or manifestation.

Most people on earth also currently believe they are from an outside force, separate from themselves. So they pray, ask, and hope for miracles. As if it is beyond them.

I see miracles every day. I see transformation in front of my eyes. So to me miracles are not only common, but easy to manifest. Why? I know within myself I am one with all existence, One with Source which is the creative power that creates, manifests and forms reality.

What if all experiences that have manifested that appear to need a miracle, are in fact based in a reality that believes miracles are not possible? What if the frequency of creation and knowing all realities are possible can create any reality? One in fact where the situation needing a miracle never did exist. A miracle simply being a change in frequency creating a new desired reality based on all possibilities.

You may call this a reality shift..a shift to another frequency where that reality includes never experiencing the need for a miracle.

I know this brings up so many questions. What about children, innocent people, etc?

We are all consciousness and before your life on planet earth you made an agreement to be here. This agreement and plan is held in your Original Blueprint. So you carry an encoding in your DNA that carries all your past experiences and also your current awareness of the reality you believe in. All of you had the intention to remember your true self. That you are Source. To wake up and remember.

Life appears not always easy. And many times in the drama it feels too difficult and real to even desire to continue on the path of original intention made by you your Soul.

The great news is the energy of Miracles is available today. Miracles are the frequency that bypasses the reality that was created to a new reality MORE in alignment with your original blueprint and the agreements and intentions you originally made as your Soul before your sojourn to earth.

Not too long from now Miracles on planet earth will be common place, the New reality, the New World will simply be in alignment with all original Blueprints, including that of Planet Earth. We all simply shift to a reality in consciousness where this is so.

Love and Miracles!


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