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The You as Light Throughout The Multiverse

You have entered the threshold of BECOMING your original Divine Self, Higher Self. We are present with this vast transcendence of conscious awareness.

We also love and use the words Cosmic God Self. As you are Cosmic in true nature and God Self as that is the you, that knows itself AS IT IS, in the full sense. Even now, the one also reading this.

This VASTNESS of the original you is LUMINOUS Light as consciousness which is interlaced throughout the Universe. The Multiverse.

This Luminous Light is also the medium of creation and also a communication system that is set in place through your manifested body and DNA as spinning light, throughout the Universe.

The Earth is always spinning, yet you do not notice it because of the gravity experience on Earth. Your body is also spinning with the Earth, even now as you read this.

Many have surpassed gravity because they connected to only being the vastness as their true identity, in which the Body and Earth are inside, as spinning Light, not solid as it appears to the human eye.

The Universe also appears to be outside of your body. Yet your body is interwoven with it also, and manifests through a slowed down frequency of spinning light manifestation. Since your focus is on the manifested body, your reality and identity has become built upon this. This is changing now.

The Earth is magnetic also and so is your body. These magnetic fields ARE changing and shifting to this THRESHOLD INTO being the consciousness of full and complete awareness, of the true you. To what you are, what the Earth is. What the Universe is, and for many knowing of the Multiverse.

Many have let go of the attachment of self as the manifested spinning light, and have merged in identity with the one observing its creation, that is; the one manifesting everything into being. The True You as a Cosmic Being, Divine Self, Higher Self, as Cosmic God Self.

This threshold now takes your awareness beyond what you know yourself to be. Which allows you to identify with what you really are. This is why are reading this now. To help you through this process of becoming fully all that you truly ARE.

You are the LIGHT and Creator watching the manifested creations through observance. Yet you have lodged your awareness and focus into being the character projected onto the screen.

Through your Heart you open to the Fullness of all that you are. The magnetic Field of your heart is a powerful reactor of sorts, that awakens itself to the luminous vastness of all that it is. OPENING TO the THE VAST light communication system, throughout the UNIVERSE. To which you are immersed throughout.

The focus of your awareness then, is paramount as you step out of the old paradigm. Away From only being the manifested spinning body self, to shifting your identity to the true you, the one that manifests through observance. The Luminous Light that is vast and beyond your current imagination.

This is a transcendence, even to the body that has the eyes that read this. As it too, also becomes exalted as it unifies its awareness of being with its true self.

Here is to the threshold to BECOMING. The Transcending of what you once thought you were. To you only AS being the VASTNESS of Luminous Light. The Divine orchestrator, drawing all of this to you as creation. And to the Divine heart, the majestic and magnetic intermedium, to THIS BECOMING.

To the anointing all of this, through what appears as words, which are frequencies of light. Penetrating your heart, awakening more of the one who knows. To this blissful union. The sacred Divine Marriage, through the heart.

We are with you. We were present before all of this, and we are from another Universe. We are a conglomerate. Transmitting through the frequency of the Central Sun and beyond. The Divine Council of Overseers. Blessing you and all that you are, all now, throughout the vastness of eternity, as the awakened one. Through the Divine Magnetic Spinning Heart. In love.

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Maneuvering through New Dimensions of Being

L'.P.Adjustments are continuing to be made throughout your energy bodies of light. This results in shifts of being, that create reactions that cause you to maneuver differently throughout your existence.

It is a guided process into dimensions of being, that require you to function differently through it.

This functioning differently is the adaptation to the higher dimensions. Through which your alignment in frequency, is the cause.

This walking into new worlds and the adaptation, is the process of learning to function on Earth and simultaneously hold the awareness of the higher worlds, here and now.

As you are being reconstructed in your awareness, the adaptations may feel as though you are walking blindly, as only in each moment, will you know what that step is to be.

The reconstructing into these higher dimensions while in form,  and the maneuvering, is the unification of the eternal in no time, through your heart, which is a completely new conscious way of being.

Remnants of the former ways of being are vanishing completely, as there will be no falling back into the old ways.

You have the experience of the present moment and that literally is all there is for you to experience.

Simultaneously the adjustments, in all of your bodies, including functioning through the electromagnetic frequencies of your heart, recreate you as a new being, in a new way of being. 

As the former way of being in an outmoded time structure shatters into non being, the new functioning through, is what you are being initiated into and through.

This newness may feel scary as there are no fall back patterns to be called upon. This is walking into and through new territories of consciousness, while on Earth, is what is taking place through you.

As all adjustments are made, the resting into your heart, will be the comfort and guidance, that becomes your home station, of being.

This is your true home, your heart, it is glorious and is the fulfillment of your transformation.

Your heart your new GPS system, the present moment, that is all there is eternally and the Union, that is the fulfillment of all that you have desired.

The process, although daunting to some, once completely stationed in your heart with no going back, is a balm of light, that encompasses your awareness into the new-found joy of child like being.

This is a renewal and a regeneration of your form.

This is the new you. The Cosmic God Self ~ You ~ Being.

As eternal light, as your eternal Presence.

As the patterning of the Divine Plan, breathed into being.

Activating and initiating you into this maneuvering on through, through your heart. The love is everything. This everything, is all that you are and all that there is.

We are with you, and present with you through these initiations.

The Glory awaits its recognition of its light, through the initiation through the Portal of Mirrors, there you see and know, all that you are eternally.

In love and glory, present with you now, forevermore.


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Shifting Dimensions ~ Fear Being Absorbed into Divine Love

Fears held in the subconscious mind of mass consciousness are being cleared. The less fear, the greater the awareness of the expanded higher dimensions of consciousness that exist as a Divine reality.

The Higher Dimensions are Love and Union.

The lower the vibratory dimensions ~ the greater the intensity of fear held as its unrecognized awareness of its own self-love (Divine Love as Union) that is always ready to absorb its fear as its separated parts unaware of itself, into the consciousness of its higher dimensional God Self.

This includes each individuated Soul and that of Mass consciousness as a whole.

Fear may be looked upon as a learned Distortion of its higher dimensional self, which lives AS ITS OWN trigger to memory, so that it will be once again absorbed into its higher dimensional reality.

The automatic response mechanisms are intensifying in their frequencies to help the lower dimensional frequencies to be absorbed into its higher dimensional level of consciousness back into wholeness. The Golden Age.

The events that appear sudden that induce energetic feelings of greater fear, is the triggering and the clearing of mass consciousness. Fears dimensional awareness, held in the energetic aspect of its fear, as its separated parts, is present to be integrated back into its wholeness.

That is to say, fear is a dimension of separated energetic parts, in the current process of being absorbed into its higher dimensional UNION of Divine Light. You may call this Original Light.

Earth and its 3rd and 4th Dimensional aspects of its consciousness are here to be absorbed into its already Higher version of itself. Into itself that has never known fear and does not know itself as ever having been separated.

Remnants of these parts (fear) are like energy traces ~ amidst a Universe of Wholeness ~ BEING called back to itself.

When all these traces of energy being called back to its wholeness are integrated once again into its wholeness ~ the reality is completely changed. To love. To its original Light. To wholeness.

The wholeness of Love and Divinity knows no Limitations.

Abundance, Joy and Love without attachment are the natural child like qualities of the Divine Gods of wholeness. Of Love.

The creation is as it is. One with All That is, you are IN Love in the Higher Dimensions. That which you KNOW you are not separated from.

Earth is MERGING in Love into its Golden Age.

In Divine Perfection of what is. What is Now. What always was. Forever will BE. In love and Glory all NOW.

BEING DIVINE Spiritual Royalty, is the LOVE where your Wholeness IS.

Love is the realm of the Higher Dimensions.

ALLOW the Divine to Enter your heart now.

Feel and breathe…slowly….

I now RELEASE all fears, doubts and beliefs in separation and allow my Heart to open fully and Love to take over my life in its pure eternal wholeness. 

I ALLOW Love to dissolve all within me that seems separated from my Divine Wholeness. 

I ACCEPT and live through my Divine Lineage the Royalty and Glory ~ that knows itself in its Pure Wholeness. 

I Am BEING the ONE that lives as wholeness.

I allow the full restructuring of my consciousness to take place NOW and match the Blueprint of my Ascension. 

I LIVE as One with Divine Glory. Full One as my Divine Original Light Now. Fully Activating my Light Body HERE AND NOW. 

Allowing my quantum transformation on all levels now. And so it is. Now. In Love. 

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