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4th Blood Moon~Canada and the US have Front Row Seats

L'Aura Pleiadian

The 4th and Final Total Lunar Eclipse, termed a Blood Moon because of the Rayleigh Scattering (scientific term of a blood moon) causing the Moon to look red during the Full Lunar Eclipse, will occur on September 27th/28th, and is part of the Lunar Tetrad. The Total Eclipse/Blood Moon  will take place on September 27th and be Totally visible in Halifax NS starting with the Partial Eclipse at 10:07 pm ADT with the Maximum Eclipse at 11:47pm ADT (when the Moon turns Red) and at 1:27am ADT on the 28th of September the Eclipse will be Over.

The Lunar Tetrad began on April 15th, 2014, October 8th, 2014, April 4th 2015. Each of these Blood Moons, has 6 months between each other and each have 5 Full Moons between them. All 4 Blood Moons are on Jewish Holidays, which for many, are part of Biblical predictions, signifying the Grand Energetic Importance of the Signs in the Sky.

This is a RARE Blood Moon (total Lunar Eclipse) because this is also a Supermoon, the Moon will be at its Perigee, that is, it  will be closest to the Earth as it turns into a Full Moon. Total Lunar Eclipses of Super Full Moons are RARE and took place only 5 times in the 1900’s ~1910, 1928, 1946, 1964 and  1982.

This 4th Blood Moon is the First Full Moon, Harvest Moon, after the Fall Equinox of September 23rd (which is significant) in the Northern Hemisphere, and those in the Northern Hemisphere will experience the Harvest Moon Effect. That is, the time differences between each Two Successive Moon Rises, normally occurs 50 minutes later with each successive day in the Lunar Cycle. During this 4th Blood Moon, Supermoon, Full Moon, there will be a decreased length of time between each successive Moon Rise, lasting for 3 days and decreasing 30 to 40 minutes between each Successive Moon Rises.  The Angle of the Moons Path with the Horizon during the Fall Equinox, is the cause of this.

This September 27/28th Total Lunar Eclipse, 4th Blood Moon, is the 28th and Last TOTAL Lunar Eclipse of the Lunar Saros Series 137~ of 81 Eclipses, which began in December 17th, 1564 and will end on April 20th, 2953.

With CERN about to Reach its Full Force (read the post on this through my Archives) on September 23rd, and the increase in Gamma Rays and Wave X and with the coming 4th Blood Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse, what does all of this mean in the Grand Scheme of Things?

The Outer World is the Mirror Effect of What is taking place in Consciousness.  The Very Beginning of Form, and the first Hu-Man (God Man) on Earth was about 550 Million Years ago (Earth time line) and the civilization was Known as Mu. It was Matriarchal. The King Priest and Queen Priest were the Creator Gods, that is, the creators of Form.  Before form on Earth they were known as the Elohim. Through the creation of DNA the first form was Activated. Time then began as a measuring tool of change. It is through this DNA Activating that Consciousness is NOW experiencing the Birth into 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

It is only through the experience of being immersed in time, that One feels separated from events, over time.  In truth there is no separation, it is all occurring NOW.  Your consciousness exists and has never been separated from All Aspects of your Being.  The Shift in Consciousness, which is now reaching Critical Mass, is the Shift in Consciousness into 5th Dimensional Consciousness, that is, Being Fully Present in the NOW Moment, which is being fully aware, of All that you ARE Beyond Time. All Now.

You are already Ascended and are Masters of Form. In No Time. It was ALL created  at ONCE. Yes there are many parallel Worlds, and Many other Universes. Yet the Experience and Expansion in the AWARENESS of Consciousness BEING Masters and Creators, is what you are flowing INTO CONSCIOUS AWARENESS OF. This is 5th Dimensional Consciousness. This already exists, YET you are NOW consciously experiencing your Birth into this.

Accept the Now Moment, let go of the old paradigm of waiting, of living in the past or future, that never arrives. And How could it? It all was created NOW. And Enter 5th Dimensional Consciousness through ARRIVING AND ACCEPTING NOW. 5th Dimensional Consciousness Lives in the Now. I am Now Ascended, I am Now Free. I have Arrived. I celebrate the Now Moment.  Make a Conscious Choice to let go of the Old Paradigm of forever waiting, and step into the Acceptance of All that you Are, and be Birthed into your 5th Dimensional Conscious Awareness Now. There is Nothing to Wait for, and it is only the letting go of waiting through time, that you become FREE. It is Now. I hold you in this Now Moment, in 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Now.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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