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New Moon in Aquarius, January 27th, 2017 ~ Intensity


The New Moon in Aquarius on January 27th, 2017 at 8:07 pm AST ~ is one filled with intensity ~ as if there has not been lots of intensity this month.

This intensity is for your personal transformation, as all things brought to the Light; subconscious to conscious, transformed.

Venus Square Saturn, highlights any tension and intensity with what is going on deep within you, as THOSE reactive states from memories. That are there to be cleared through love.

The areas you may feel that intensity are Financial and Love relationships. Now these tensions and intensity, may spur you  to look and go more deeply, within.  To make those changes within. To understand yourself more. To expand into greater understanding of yourself and the present moment.

To release tensions and embrace MORE of yourself in love, embrace your  feelings, DEEP within. Be honest with yourself about how you feel, without judgement. Be PRESENT with yourself even if this feels uncomfortable.

As you do so, you OPEN your Heart and your life to those changes that free painful memories. That are there as part of your ASCENSION Process.

This ALIGNS you with your HIGHER SELF and the eternal LOVE that binds you forever, as ONE.

The Masculine and FEMININE within you. You and your Twin Flame. ALL that is not in HARMONY within you as A BALANCE may be revealed to you now. Again, to be loved, to be brought to the LIGHT of the Higher Self. Your Original Light.

New Moons are POWERFUL New Beginnings. Sun conjunct Moon and will increase in manifestation and in intensity as a culmination, till the Full Moon.

Deep within, embracing the intensity. The pain, the sadness, the unhappiness as the DOORWAY through the so-called past. INTO the New Beginning. The NEW You. The Divine Ascended YOU. All Now.

The time to ignore these deeper aspects and feelings within you is no longer an option, as part of the first wave, the time is NOW. To go deeper within.

To love yourself more. To end resistance. To open your Heart more.

To step aside as the smaller self, and ALLOW your Higher Self to steer the reigns of your life. In surrender and FULL TRUST. With all that you ARE.

Living the UNION that is the alchemy you Desire, for Being THE ONE ~ Fully Ascended NOW.

And so it is! ALLOW this powerful NEW MOON to be the PORTAL for your greater awakening and trust in your Process.

Holding you in the full Activation of all aspects merged as ONE.

Now and always! The Original LIGHT NOW. In endless love and compassion. In the Glory of ALL That is. I love You!

The New Divine Humanity. Your TRUE Higher Self ~ Now.




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New Moon in Aquarius~February 8th, 2016~Alchemy


Well here we are the New Moon in Aquarius arriving on February 8th, 2016 at 10:38am AST. Further to my Post on the Alchemy of Manifestation, this New Moon and New Beginning, is the opportunity for awakening ever more deeply, into the Heart of You, into what you now give higher meaning to as the symbols in your life.

The experiences within your life, and allowing a higher vibrational meaning, to all that is in your life, now, is you changing your experiences, into a life of your dreams and beyond.

This New Moon, may act as an awakening energetic impulse, that cleanses the Doors of Your Perception.

Yet nothing happens to You, it all is happening through you.

Your Participation, is Required.

And as you adjust your perceptions, in alignment with your Master Intention, the magic that will unfold, will be unspeakable. Going full-out in this, that is, applying all that you are desiring in all moments, is what I am referring to. Go All The Way. You with you.

So your intention is Greater Bliss. In each moment all that I do and receive and Here and experience, is NOW the Bliss, that I desire. You creativity decide the Meaning, to all moments. To when you wake up, when you shower, when you walk, when you work. YOU Decide as the ONE that is steering your ship, what your experience, mean through your intention. The Inner Child within you, as you LOVE yourself, and gently awaken to the responses in your world (yes your very own world) that you have intentioned, is your Mastery. Waiting for things to change is the student. Mastery is you have decided the Meaning for all moments, and you have intentioned it, consciously.

At the MASTER Level, it is not about grasping the meanings to THINGS it is YOU Creating Consciously the MEANING OF EVERYTHING. Feel the difference.

NO Need to get caught up, in understanding, other than, what you experience, may now be how your Mastery reveals itself to you, as you change your responses to all that you see in your world, and experience within.

CHANGE YOUR World this New Moon, through “Affixing” higher vibrational new Meanings to all of your experiences, to every moment, to all that shows up in your own personal world. And watch the Miracles unfold. 

This is 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

This is YOU loving you.

This is Alchemy.

This New Moon there is a sextile with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. Opportunities, are ENERGIES. How will you apply your awareness, to the meaning of every moment, as the way you CREATE your New Opportunities, through the change of your Intentions, as the FULL ON application, of your every moment. APPLY this.

All of this, is speaking deeply to your subconscious, your inner child, your consciousness, as the WAY now to bypass the programming of the 3D, and enter your Mastery.

And so It is ~ and Here we ARE! Happy New Moon For YOU and may all that was once your experience, BE NOW the Divinity of YOU in ALL Moments!


Eternal Love and Bliss!






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