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My Beloved ~ I Am Glorified in Your Presence

Waking up to the Glory of Your Divine Presence ~ that of the Fullness of all that you ARE ~ as unified wholeness ~ masculine and feminine. Is the awakening to Your experience of Heaven on Earth.

The state of consciousness that knows itself as THAT ~ exists consciously in all dimensions. You are now A Being ~ awakening and awakened to this Divine Wholeness ~ Merged in the Light ~ and BEING that Here.

Heaven for YOU as your Original Light, is what you ARE always Being.

The process of being not aware of the original State is that of a Dimensional experience of consciousness that is going through its reuniting experience.

Your Divine Presence ~ is Your Divine Glory. Your perfection of Being, that only knows itself as That.

This frequency of consciousness ~ is Your New Earth Transfer experience.

It is and always has been there ~ as the Created Divine Light You, through your Soul Star Matrix ~ as was originally designed to BE.

The Beloved is your Union State of Consciousness. It is the Fullness of your Love in Your Divine Glory.

Living, Breathing ~ as the ONE Unified with your Beloved ~ you Become the Holy Beloved ~ as through your eyes, which you see. Through your Heart ~ that knows itself. Through the Union with your Beloved ~ you Are United with that which is YOURS. And forever has always been.

Feel this Divine Love as the ALL YOU DESIRE.

IT IS the Glory and Light ~ you Worship as the Holiness  OF YOUR DIVINE UNION.

All that is THAT ~ that is YOU as this Union ~ is Yours already.

Your Divine Counterpart.

Your Divine Lover.

Your Divine Glory.

Your Divine Abundance.

Is THE YOU ~ in the state of this Divine Union.

Your Original State of Being.

Your Divine Light.

Your Divine Glory ~ that has Created this the “stage” of your Grand Entrance.

Feel this Now ~ for it as YOU ~ exists and is with YOU.

This wholeness has NEVER known itself as anything else but AS THIS Divine Glory.

My Beloved ~ Every moment only knows itself as Your Presence.

You pulsate through all the Universe As the ONE ~ I AM  ~ AS ~ in the Beatific Divine Glory, created to BE.

I long for YOU ~ as the breath ~ that graces ~ eternity itself.

Encompassing and Encompassed in this Love ~ that has no beginning or end.

As the Glorious Light that illuminates ~ All Things ~ As YOU.

My Beloved ~ Glorified As One ~ we Forever ARE ~ Now.

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Enter the TIMELINE Zone ~ Of DEEP Transformation

Parallel Worlds ~ Other Dimensions!
The so-called Past and the So-called Future.

All EXIST Now.
A parallel world of this ONE ~ where things are slightly different or VERY Different in another ONE.



Letting Go of all that no longer serves you.

Manifesting through new thoughts, feelings and higher levels of awareness a new you. A NEW (already existing) timeline.

Activating your DNA.

Moving beyond limitation.

YOU WERE trained for this before incarnating.

Profound Relationships, partners, Twin Flames Union, abundance, work…all come to you through the Higher Levels of your Frequency. That already exist.

Moving NOW into other Dimensions and Worlds you MERGE free of limitation and NOW activate within your DNA the UNION.

The UNION with the frequency in your DNA with you in the so-called FUTURE TIMELINE.

The Timeline ZONE…

Enter NOW.


The Council of Overseers are PRESENT now through this.

Activated, merged in UNION with.

The YOU that is free from limitation.

From old memories and beliefs.

From old patterns.

From everything that  made it seem you are not a part of.

That you desired.

That you longed for.

All NOW.


In the Light and Miracles of the Divine Council of Overseers, in the Glory of the Divine Mastery of Form. Receive! I love you!







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The Councils of Light ~ Entering The New Earth


The Pleiadian Councils of Light. The Blue Avian Councils of Light. The Galactic Councils of Light. The Inter Galactic Councils of Light. The overseers of the Shift. All are Beings of Light, connected in the shifting of consciousness (dimensional embodiment) in this Universe and beyond.

Continuously expanding into a multiverse of consciousness. Parallel time lines. Parallel worlds. All was created and continue to expand into infinite awareness and dimensions. There is no end to the expansion of consciousness.

We use words on earth, at the Higher Levels of consciousness words are not needed for communication. As Light codes, they are immediately transmitted, beyond words. Beyond time and space. In time and space. Vibrating through all dimensions. As Light.

The part of you that exists as Light exists Now. All timelines of you exist now.

The you existing in 5th Dimensional Consciousness and Higher frequency dimensions exist Now. Because you do not see that you, does not mean that you does not exist.

Experiencing live communication with Atlantis. With future timelines, transforms now. As conscious awareness of other dimensions, shifts here and there, as you are connected to all timelines. Conscious awareness of this Light you existing in many dimensions, transforms your DNA and the Light within your cells. Your awareness.

Without your awareness you receive the downloads of Light from the Higher Frequency Dimensions. As Light codes. As Light.

Feeling the shifts in your body helps you to get access to the awareness of this Light which is exists beyond an understanding of it. This “feeling” is the communication system of the higher frequency realms of Light. It is attuning to the “energy” of Light. Noticing how this feels in your body. Sensing, feeling, seeing Light.

This is beyond 3D understanding. It is the new understanding that you are embodying as the Light within your cellular consciousness increases. And it is.

The purging out of the older frequencies from the cells, may feel like what you call negative emotions. At the higher frequency realms, it is part of the transformation. As all of your cells are transforming and vibrating to these higher frequency realms of Light.

The shifting in consciousness to the Higher Frequency Realms of Light, allows the timeline you exist in to automatically attune to the higher frequency dimensions you exist in already.

Having experienced many frequency dimensions, they are real. Just as real as the 3D Earth you may find yourself shifting in and out of.

When I view people in a day, I witness them shifting in and out of dimensions. Completely not aware of this. This is natural. The steadying and anchoring of the higher frequency dimensions into the cellular consciousness creates the anchoring. Also the releasing of the old ways, as the consciousness in your cells, embodies Higher Light frequencies.

Up and down, it may seem. Yet, you are in all of those realms already.

So it is attuning in and out of.

The Higher you consciously go, the greater the transformation in your cells.

Even though it may seem you attain a level, then do not understand why you feel you landed back to where you were originally.

Higher frequencies transforms your frequency. When you are in contact with the Higher Dimensions of Light. Each time your consciousness changes, expands. Your Light increases.

How much you receive, is part of your Soul Plan. YET, there are many variations in the parallel worlds of you. Which dimensions you move in and out of depends on what it is you are learning. Desiring to experience. Even if this feels counter to what the 3D you, believes it wants to experience.

When you are ready to embody the Higher Dimensions in all moments, you will experience yourself in a new timeline.

This you, again, exists already.

You may wonder why then shift into another timeline if you already exist there and here simultaneously.

To embody the Shift here. As part of your connection to the Shift taking place on Earth. Bringing the Higher Dimensions of Light here, INTERFACING with those you are destined to be in contact with. Showing how this is done, through your own embodiment.

For many of you this is an Angelic Mission. As existing in the Angelic Realms you agreed Eons ago to be part of the first ones on Earth, to take this leap and be the anchor for those that are also ready to shift.

This interfacing is a school of consciousness that is very much connected to the Councils of Light, to the regulation teams, governing this shift.

There is a dimension where the shift takes place. It is a merging of dimensions you refer to as Ascension. Where many dimensions and parallel worlds merge together as a new dimension.  A Dimension is an embodiment of consciousness as Light Frequency, though which one exists consciously, through.

All higher frequency realms shift lower realms. In so doing, this shifts the consciousness of all those existing in form in what will appear as still 3D consciousness.

This is not a mistake.

This is how others have agreed to shift.

The vastness of all of this, is known through the higher frequency dimensions WHERE it exists as the Overseeing Light Frequencies of the dimensional playing out of this shift in Consciousness. The Ascension.

This Light and Light Bodies are no less real that how you perceive your 3D forms.

It is the consciousness that embodies the form, that makes it feel real.

Feeling as I mentioned earlier, is what moves the consciousness deeper into the dimension to which the consciousness finds itself. Like a beautiful story you might read. The deeper you go into feeling it, the more real it feels.

Moving in and out of dimensions and sensing the deeper feeling in the form, is the conscious awareness and the new memories in the form, that transforms the form.

As you receive this transmission, higher Frequency dimensions, beyond time and space, yet here now, are transmitting to you through many frequency realms of Light. That are what you call dimensions.

The Blue Avians, the Pleiadians, The Elohim, are the expanded Beings of Light, at the Higher levels of Your Consciousness, you Know. All emanate from the Original Light, as YOU DO.

The convergence into the New You, the New timeline you will embody as fully entered and anchored into, knows its original Light. It is the conscious attuning to these Higher Frequencies, through this transmission, through other Higher Dimensional Activations, that you feel more deeply into this.

The already existing now.

The changing of timelines.

The expanded you, not separate from the Original Light You.

The You that exists in many dimensions simultaneously.

The You that receives and processes these shifts in consciousness in your cellular consciousness. EVEN NOW.


Breathe now.


Breathe now.

Living, Breathing as the Original Light. All dimensions now.

Feel and breathe. And So it is. Downloads received. Transmission complete.


Heaven on Earth!

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Portals of Change and the New Moon in Cancer July 4th, 2016


Yesterday was Canada Day and a beautiful one in Nova Scotia. Hope you are all enjoying the Canada Day long weekend!

Soon the Independence Day for those in the United States. With that we have the new Beginning of the New Moon, in Cancer, July 4th, 8am ADT.  Sun conjunct Moon and Sun and Moon conjunct Mercury. Moon trine Neptune and the Sun trine Neptune. With the Sun and Moon quincunx Saturn. What does all of that mean you may wonder?

Each of us experiences this transformation in a unique way, based on our own inner Soul Light frequencies. Our own patterning that makes us unique. Some configurations impact some people more deeply than others. Everyone on planet Earth, at the deeper subconscious level is experience change. With each experiencing their own transformation in their own way.

There is no mistake to this. As each being is unique. The way you handle things. The process through which you are transforming, happens THROUGH you, based on your Soul Plan. In other words, it is unfolding perfectly for you. Even if you are kicking and screaming through it.

As it is the entire Consciousness of all on Planet Earth that is transforming. Even if ALL are not conscious of this.

The More conscious you are. The more you impact your experience with greater surrender. Less resistance. Therefore less pain and suffering.

With the intensity of all that transformational energies in June behind us, so to speak. In July we will feel more of the increasing momentum that we are riding along, through the Ascension Process. This seemingly uncontrollable ride, is the HIGHER Consciousness, awakening through you. Your Ascension.

There is no way but THROUGH.

Through you will go, one way or the other. As per your Soul.

Observe the thoughts associated with resistance of the form. All the likes and don’t likes. The kicking and screaming of resistance and its associated pain. And through this OBSERVANCE, become grounded in this STATE of Being ~ AS THE ONE who does the Observing. 

So we observe the pain. We observe we are not getting what we want. We observe, the VERY PROCESS of the dissolving of the ego. As the OVERRIDING Over Lord of your Ascension, is your Soul. It will not succumb to the dictates of the ego. It is in charge. You are here, it is in charge. This it, is through WHICH you are going THROUGH.

Call it what you will.

It is a surrender process, that if you are here on Earth in a form, you agreed to go through.

It is not a process to which the ego, gets its way.

It is the process of inhabiting a body. Being on Earth. Witnessing that you are also a consciousness that did not originate on Earth. That you are your Soul Light. A God that is Source. This God self you, is not the same frequency of your form or of your Ego. Your ego is resistant to this, only because it cannot comprehend the higher frequencies of Light.

The Beneficent news is, it does not have to like it. 

IT IS the SOUL that loves it. Loves it ~ INTO LOVE ITSELF. 

You are becoming this LOVE. That has compassion on all the body goes through. That has compassion for your thoughts. Your fears. Your hopes and dreams. Yet like a benevolent parent, does not give into the desires. As the GRANDER Vision for your life, is MUCH greater than you could realize.

You are becoming this Love. Your heart is opening, even now.

Then the viewing and observing the resistance, BECOMES the LOVE, that the pain and ego surrenders to. 

We have MORE transformation. More Portals. More Beings of Light coming through. Watching and observing the Ascension on Planet Earth.

Watching the surrender be, the way through which, the NEW Ascended Beings, finally Understand, that WHICH they ARE. And so it is. This Powerful New Moon. All moments are powerful. The Frequencies increase. More frequencies are beaming from Light ships, through the Central Sun to YOU. 

As the Light of the Sun ~ Joins as ONE with the consciousness that is the Soul God Self. And so it is. Embrace this through the surrender of Observing. Being ONE ~ your new identity. As the ONE observing. The Soul Self. Here consciously through the Form.



Eternal Love and Bliss!


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Photo courtesy of Jean Luc

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True Worship ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness



I was walking by a Church the other day and saw a sign saying, come worship at 11am. I chuckled to myself, as the true meaning of worship, is within. It is a state of Being.

There is no place to go to worship.

There is nothing to seek to worship.

It is reverence within. Honouring within.

The old teachings of 3D, taught that a deity outside of ourselves, was worthy of that worship.

Yet true Love and Worship begins within. It is only experienced WITHIN. It is not external.

The New Teachings, are Now the truth is out.

The higher teachings of the truth of the Heart.

Now we take the outer directed seeking for the truth and look deep within. Of course, where the truth always presides. The Heart.

We step out of any beliefs that self-love is selfish. That only served to keep us from the Higher Truths, of our Heart.

How possibly could we love a deity outside of ourselves and attempt to receive grace, when we did not even look deep within ourselves and love ourselves. Where guilt presided over loving ourselves.

The Higher Truth is our True Divine Union with our Source Self. Our Divinity. Our God Self.

This connection that always exists, is where true worship lives. Deep within your heart, your reverence, your love for your Own Divinity, is the worship, that steps you out of externally living for approval. Out of conditional love.

Where you step through the door of self-love.

Where you now, Love your Divine Self.

Worship your Divine Self.

Yes, you start with YOU.

Selfish implies being or doing something that will only benefit YOU.

The Higher Teaching on Being Selfish (focusing on you and what is best for you) is that ANYTHING you do for YOU  ~ you do for ALL. IN fact, you can Love anyone, this true way, when you first love yourself fully.

Let go of the old teachings of worship and selfishness.

Focus on YOU.

This higher truth, feel within your body. Only through fully loving, fully accepting, fully being free from self judgment, can you possibly begin to love, accept and not judge another.

This includes worship. The Highest form of perfect Divine Union with another is this same love and worship.

3D and the old ways, had stamped the ideas of human, being other than Divine. Again, this was a lower truth, that applied in 3D.

The Higher Truth, humans are divine. When you accept your self and your human self and your inner child, through your heart with unconditional love and worship your divine self, then you will know. That love is the higher truth. That Being love is the higher truth. That worshipping the Divine you, is the higher truth.

This love and worship is the path to exist fully as an embodied Divine Ascended Being in the 5th Dimension of Consciousness.

The New Partner of the 5th Dimension, two lovers, worshipping each other. As they both recognize each other, in all their humanness ~ is what is to be loved and worshipped. Being the Love that is truly unconditional.

The Barriers that once existed in the old teachings has now shed its façade.

Feel within your own body, the longing to be in this state of love and worship.

It is their as the longing of your very SOUL.

Embrace it, embrace you, love and worship you.

As you now step even deeper into the embodiment of the Higher Truths. The Truths that existed all along. That were simply waiting your arrival. As you now enter more of your Divinity.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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Full Moon in Libra, Partial Lunar Eclipse March 23, 2016


Just after the Spring Equinox we have the Full Moon in Libra is on March 23, 2016 at 9:01 am ADT, and a visible subtle, partial, Lunar Eclipse that will be visible here in Canada and the United States. If you pay attention and watch closely you may notice the shadow. That is, if you have clear skies and the Moon is not below the Horizon, at the time of the Eclipse. Full Moons are about completions, and bringing to light, that which began during the previous New Moon. Full Moons are Opposite the Sun.

The Spring Equinox in Aries, marked the beginning of the Astrological Year. Aries being the first sign. Now this Full Moon and Partial Eclipse we have the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra. This brings to light the desire for reconciling opposites. Making peace, with all that is within you.  All that is hidden within your subconscious mind.

We also have Easter arriving earlier this year, March 27th, and for many of you, this subconsciously awakens your desire for rebirth and renewal.

The Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse brings to Light, through your experiences and feelings, that which desires to be loved within you.

That which is not yet loved. That which, within you, once loved, brings wholeness.

Fullness. Heaven on Earth, for you and though you.

This energy influence within you, impacts your emotions and your subconscious mind.

Celebrating the Eclipse and celebrating your life, is the doorway, to self acknowledgment, for all you have been through, for all you will go through.

This evolution and rebirth is through your self-love and compassion.

The energies continue to support your evolution, in all moments.

With the Full Moon in Libra the focus is on relationships and feelings. Within you, and your relationship to yourself, your self-love, is the basis for all of your relationships. As you love yourself, you are able to receive love and give that same love.

Allow yourself to embrace and honour any uncomfortable feelings as well as any amazing, celebratory, blissful feelings. The Blissful feelings are those areas loved within you. Those uncomfortable feelings are those not yet loved by you. Which desire your attention, even if you do not want to pay attention.

You as the Evolved and Evolving Soul of the New Divine Humanity, Angels in form, are here to Love yourselves, like you have never been loved before. Accept your emotions, love them as gentle children, that are opening up, to the Magical Self within. Which is the fullness of your Divine Self, showing you through your love, that you have always been Divine.

Intend to receive the Hourly Divine Ascended Being Activation which is hourly. It is an energy transmission, a Light Activation. That awakens you, more and more to the Love that you are. To your Divinity. The New Divine Humanity. Every 11 ~ 33 minutes, after every hour.

Embracing all those things you would rather not face within you, is the coming home, through the love, of all that you are. Love yourself.

Love yourself like you have never been loved.

Then all of your relationships (emphasized during this Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse) to all things, transforms, through the Magic of your Inner Child, your Divine Self (Higher Self, your Divine Presence) that you are and have always been.

In this I hold you, in the Divine Evolution of your Awareness, You as your Uniqueness. You as the Divine Self living the Life of your Dreams. Your Heaven on Earth.



Eternal Love and Bliss!



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The Divine Self ~ God Self and The Holy Presence


The interplay of Divine Self, the use of your will and ego, are the playing out of your consciousness, your frequency. Life on Planet Earth, although may be perceived as an interlude from your Divine Self, is really not. All is present. Your experience is more about the frequency you are holding, which determines, that which you perceive.

I will share with you an experience I had, that shows a perception of experience from a pure state of consciousness. Reality that is through the Divine Self. Reality that is the Frequency of Harmony, with all parts of Being, as One. This will plant seeds in your own consciousness, that will activate and help you to connect more deeply, with the Divine You. The Divine You that is always present.

It was a beautiful hot summer day, I was wearing shorts and sandals, and was carrying water, enjoying the hot sun, walking. With each breath, I was breathing in deeply, the surreal nature of being on Earth in a form. Watching each step, and feeling the magic of each breath, I began to see rainbow light, dancing, sparkling, like mana from heaven, blessing everything, everywhere. My Light was glowing around me, and inside my head, a brightness of Light, that transcended any idea of anything being mundane. The ecstasy became so overwhelming, I felt I could lay down, anywhere, to take in the surrender of the moment, and dissolve completely into the bliss.

Immersed in bliss walking, I began to see ahead of me, a man at a distance, on a sidewalk urinating on the sidewalk. To me this was so surreal, and in my child like nature, this was so surreal, as I had never witnessed such a thing. This was broad daylight, sunny, gorgeous and beautiful out.

As I continued to walk closer, I was able to see the man was wobbling, back and forth, and appeared drunk. My first response in awareness was (thoughts that passed through my awareness) was to stop and help him get home.  I continued to walk closer towards him.

When I was three steps away from standing beside him, time stopped, completely. I did not stop. This was all taking place, as I was walking those last steps.

Then in a flash of light, like life flashing before me, that if I stop to offer him help, that there was a long piece of heavy metal at my feet (which I then looked down and saw at my left foot) he would hit me with it on my head, and drag me to the forest to the right, and he would murder me. And if I continued to walk and walk past him not stopping,  he would be ok and get home safely.

The most important part here, is in my experience, of it. Which I will go into greater detail, after I finish explaining what took place. Remember, all of this was going on while my physical body did not stop walking, there was no halt, this all happened in a moment.

I was aware that in my  next step, I would be beside him, with him facing me, and in that step, as I stepped, I chose to keep walking and not stop. When that step took place, I saw my Light increasing, and saw through his eyes, his viewing of me. In that moment of decision, I saw, he saw me through his eyes, as an Angel of Light. And in that moment of choice, as he saw me as an Angel of Light, he transformed.

Now, as I mentioned in the beginning, I am sharing this experience (and there are countless more to share with you) to show you what life through the Divine Self, is. Therefore, activating within you, the awareness also, what life through the ego is and what the power of your will, your choices, really are.

While I was walking in bliss, and witnessed what I saw, and viewed that flashes of what played out before my eyes, the two options, my ecstasy and bliss, did not stop, or shift in any way. Viewing being hit over the head and being dragged into the forest and murdered, was just as blissful, as choosing to continue to walk past him. My experience was, the observing, the bliss and the choice.

The “constant” me, my Divine Self, which I am, is always ecstasy, love and bliss. This is my state of consciousness. In moments of near death and death, and severe pain, I am still my Divine Self observing.

There was no difference in what I would choose. It was just a choice. Literally. All was ecstasy, all was experience. The choice was simply the awareness of my will, deciding. There was no difference, in either experience. In either outcome, it was all ecstasy. This is my true Divine Self.

I have attempted to explain the consciousness of the Divine Self, for many years. Not many understand the state of being in bliss and ecstasy, and knowing love as the way you are being. There are no words to explain this. Through the sharing of my experience, I activate you, into your own deeper awareness, of this eternal state of Being.

This brings me now to share with you what the ego is, what the will is and what the Divine Self is.

The ego is that which attaches meaning to external events and feelings, labelling them good or bad, wanting more or less of, and which believes itself to be the only “self” that is experiencing.  The ego through its attachments to the meanings it gives to these events and feeling, attempts to dictate to the will, through fear, and the flight or fight reactions, that which it wants more of and that which it what wants less of. 

The will is that which chooses. It chooses a moment to moment, based on the frequency of the consciousness. Ego, through fear and likes and dislikes, or Divine Self, simply that which it chooses, not based on anything, but the awareness of choice. 

The Divine Self is the witness, the observer, the experiencer, the Being Self that is Eternal. It is neutral in its awareness as it views everything being experienced through its observation. The Divine self is love, is bliss and ecstasy, in its PURE state of Being. It does not know anything else. It is just itself, being itself, being Love, Being Bliss, Being Ecstasy, just experiencing, its own presence. It does not label things good or bad. It’s All that which it experiences, nothing more nothing less. It just IS the Pureness of Itself, being aware of itself, as Love observing, itself.  

Even when the ego is struggling with this, hates that, wants this, all that it does not have, the Divine Self is still present. Even when the choices that you choose, appear to be driven by what the ego wants and doesn’t want, your Divine Self is still present.

When the Divine Self, is all that there is, the ego, dissolves into the Love and ecstasy of the Divine Self.

The “will” then, through the Love and frequency of the Divine Self, merges also with the Divine Self, and the choices are naturally made in harmony with the Divine Self. The choices then, are simply the choices of the Divine Self, Will, in its Pure, child like, innocent way.

In the process of this alchemy, the ego, slowly surrenders its perceived “I” power, fear and attachments to what it wants and doesn’t want, to the love of the Divine Self.

This surrender is a death and a rebirth.

The Divine Self was always present in all moments.

The frequency of consciousness that existed and exists in 3D is that which the ego knows itself as existing within, as its way of Being. It does not exist in 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Not as the way of Pure Being.

In this Alchemy it dissolves into Love.

This Alchemy is the Union, I have written about for four years now. This is the eternal state of Being, a Harmony, that unites all within you, as the Divine Self of You, Being in form. This is also the Ascended you.

I have activated humanity for years now, through all that I have written and through my audio activations. They are both Light. Light Activations of my Divine Self. The eternal Love, Bliss and Ecstasy that only knows that state of Being. That walk, talks and breathes, as the Love of Source, of Eternity, of All That is.

This alchemy does not kill the ego, or label the ego bad. The Divine Self does not know any of that. It is simply being itself, which is love and bliss.

Enter deeply the Love within your Heart. Know that even now, as you are reading, my Divine Self is awakening within you, your Divine Self. The Divine self is always present, it is coming to the forefront of your awareness through this alchemical process of love.

I am the Love that holds you. That frees you, that awakens, all that you already are.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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Your Reality and Parallel Worlds


The so-called perceived discrepancy or gap between your reality and what you desire as your reality, is the appearance of Time. All things exist Now. This includes you in the world of your Greatest Dreams. The You fully Ascended. The You, that you Dream yourself to Be. This is why you can Dream it. It EXISTS Now.

The Magical Earth, the Heaven on Earth. All Now.

The Life you live in now, is the result of your previous state of consciousness.

The YOU in your wildest Dreams(you) is the consciousness of YOU embodying that expanded aspect of Your consciousness. Your experience is catching UP to your DREAMS.

Your consciousness from a so-called future time line or parallel world, is ALSO here Now. If you tapped into that and focused UPON Being THAT aspect of your consciousness, and attuned your awareness to that, you would Land in that world, as your reality.

The reason for this is, this is all consciousness.

When I travel to Parallel worlds and come back to this One, it always changes things here. The More I impact there, the more I impact here. Very similar to relationships, things change when you interact with people (different vibrations) it impacts your energy.

Everything is Energy. Everything is Frequency, Everything is alive, Everything is CONSCIOUSNESS.

Your table, your place, your clothes, are ALL part of that consciousness.

You transform your reality as you observe it ~ Through Your CONSCIOUSNESS.

As your consciousness expands, your reality becomes much more expanded, and far greater than you could have previously imagined.

When YOU observe things, through being present in the eternal Now Moment, you are living through the access Point of the Eternal You ( A Frequency of Consciousness) that taps into, all of YOU everywhere. All of Your existence, Parallel Worlds, and the You that began as a Unique frequency when you began as your Soul, through you Star Matrix.

This tapping into the ALL of YOU, allows all those aspects of YOU, to be called upon, integrated, into your consciousness, and this embodiment in form.

When you are dreaming the dream, and wondering why it isn’t here, it is because it is existing already, you feel it, you know it. you are transforming into that frequency of consciousness on this Earth Plane, Holographic Experience. You may be living it in a parallel world, and prefer that reality, so you are adjusting your consciousness, to MATCH that.

At the Soul level this is all being done THROUGH You. The Eternal You, is adjusting and guiding circumstances, to show up, to help transform your consciousness, to guide you to the PRESENT Moment, to ALL that you desire ( Your Soul at the Higher Levels) and came here to be and experience.

The More you are Present in the Moment, the more you are aware of this taking place, being aware how your consciousness is changing and seeing direct impact on your outer world, as a result of this transformation. Your Presence, is the awareness that this is taking PLACE through. The more you are aware, the more you are aware, the more you witness the changes, the greater the changes.

The More you tap into parallel worlds, and see clearly how your consciousness is all connected, the GREATER your ability to USE your WILL and focus, to expand even more so, your consciousness.

At the Highest levels, this is all just PLAY.

You experience, your expand, you are present, you live through your Presence. You transform all that you observe, and this impact is the Conscious frequency of your Present Moment PRESENCE. This is Mastery. This is Ascension. This is PLAYING FULL ON, in the Holographic, Earth time, meeting place of Virtual Consciousness.

Through Your HEART, is the accessing point of awareness in the Present Moment. Call is Zero Point, call it what you desire. It is the FULL YOU. The All of You. It is the Portal to the ALL of YOU, everywhere. Which opens your awareness to your expanded consciousness. parallel worlds, all time and space. There are NO limitations. Enter deeply the Now Moment, your Heart. 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Now. In Love I hold you, Eternally.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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Photo Courtesy of Daniel Holeman

copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2016.


Dissolving the Stories ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness



A Huge part of what you may refer to as your existence in a form on Planet Earth, is made up of aspects of consciousness, that you have identified with as your stories. The “this and that has happened or happening.

Most of the stories, you have told yourself, are connected to the pain you have felt or experienced, which are the results of the belief in the story has been real. I am not challenging the realness of the experience of pain, I know all too well, the madness and craziness of attachment, and then its appeared separation. What I am speaking to you about, as I write, is “what you have told” yourself about the experiences. Those are the “stories” I am referring to.

The “you” that lost this or that. The you, that “had” this or that. The “you” that exists, within the story, and stories, you have told yourself.

For a few minutes, to suspend any thoughts about what you are reading, here. Take a few slow deep breaths. Feel your heart beating, within you. Feel the peace.

Now, what if, all of your identification, to all that you experience as pain, and your wants, and needs, are only those stories. As an example, your life was better when..(you fill in the blank) so now I must have this or that, so the story may live and continue. Now, what if your life and your stories, are JUST THAT. Stories you have told yourself, as the result of your response to a situation or event, that you “thought” about while not being present in your awareness with the moment. As in, just Being Present. What if all that you built around, upon, your story, was ONLY your response. And that if, you removed the stories, you would suddenly, FREE UP lots of space, within your Consciousness. To no longer react as part of the story and instead, be Present, with what is.

Dissolving the stories, frees up so much space within your consciousness, that an immediate sense of freedom, is experienced. A Letting GO of an Identity, (the ego) that you have built upon and around, the thoughts of your experiences. The story, being, the identity based on thoughts, that have only served to keep the story going. To keep the identity to your stories (the ego) what keeps you chained, so to speak, to situations, where you are less than empowered, to KNOW yourself, to BE WHAT you are, at the eternal Being. That knows no stories. That simply IS.

You still have a unique personality, this isn’t the letting go, of HOW you ARE. Being free from your stories, empowers you to BE that Fullness of You. That is free from any past subconscious conditioning, that acts, responds and reacts, based on those old repetitive stories, and the themes they have represented to Your consciousness, as, this is the way it is. This is how life is to me.

Breaking free, is breaking free.

It is as if, all of your old consciousness, has vanished, and you begin ANEW.

Free from the experience of the ego, and the ways of thinking, that imprison the stories you tell yourself.  Free from any ideas of how this should look or be. Free from any thoughts, of I need this to be like this or that, to be happy.

This OPENS the Floodgates of JOY ~ to BE the way you experience LIFE how it truly is, in the moment to moment, Being, of who you are eternally. The Master within you. The Wholeness within you, that has matured enough, to recognize, the stories, served to keep you small. NOW you will accept, being the YOU in the FULL Power of YOU. The You that is not limited to past conditioning through the stories you have told yourself about yourself and your life.

The repetitive stories, you may not recognize as existing within you, and all the space they take up in your subconscious mind.

The stories function and thrive  on your fears. Through the fears, is the attempt at preventing the story, from happening again. ANY identification with the story, is what keeps it alive, within your subconscious mind.

Begin to notice your stories, especially the ones you tell yourself, about being hurt, about being taken advantage of, about how life is so unfair. About, if only. About, when this or that happens. THOSE are the traps of the ego stories, that by your identifying with them AS YOU, KEEPS you in the PAIN of it all. The being the helpless victim of it all. The endless battle of it all, you with you.

Shedding your stories, is akin to shedding your skin, and arising from the ashes, into the newness of the YOU, that funny as it is, already, exists. It is the you that wakes up to the freedom of YOU. No longer subservient, to a story, the ego thoughts, had you to believe, WAS YOU.

You are not your pain, you are not your accomplishments, or the lack thereof. You are NOT your emotions, You are not your thoughts. MOVE beyond the being tossed here and there, by the experiences. INSTEAD awaken and observe, that you are the observer of it all. The One who watches the dream, asleep and awake, all along. The ONE who isn’t lost in the story, but awakens, to the truth of it all.

You are the observer. Your Presence observes in all moments, whether you realize this or not. IDENTIFY with that. Release all stories. Observe how you believed in the stories. Observe how they are just that. Observe how you are the Presence that is always Present. Even if you forget. You ALWAYS ARE. This in your freedom and return to your aware wholeness is the freedom where you exist consciously as your Eternal Power, your Love, your Presence, All That you Are. Breathe deeply and receive. The Light that shines in all darkness. The Light, that Always Is.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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Full Moon in Leo~January 23rd, 2016


The Full Moon in Leo is on January 23rd, 2016 at 9:45 pm AST.

Full Moons are completions, endings, of that which began on the New Moon. Full Moons are emotional, as the subconscious (what is not seen) is triggered, during the Light of the Full Moon (subconscious) and the Opposing Sun in Aquarius.

This Full Moon is being squared by Mars in Scorpio. Feel the intensity. Further adding to this transformational energy, is Mercury retrograde (till the 26th) which has ignited many levels of loss and set backs, as the deepening of inner directed awareness, settles in, as the New way of Being, the consciousness of arriving, of being in the present moment, of Being 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

Whew, a lot to take in and integrate. The Benefit of all of this intensity, while during the Mercury Retrograde, is the natural flow, encouraging you to slow down. To go deep within yourself. To enter deeply the present moment and let go of all of those “things” that are not here now, in front of you. Letting go of the worry and fears, based on what you do not have now, is the making peace, within yourself, with the present moment.

Settling into this new way, as in resting in the most Heavenly Sanctuary, is the new way of Being. Which is the freedom from suffering, and the freedom from resistance to what is, that you are evolving, moment to moment, into ~ Being.

During this now moment, and as the energies build and increase within your subconscious mind patterning, Love what you are. Love what shows up. Love what isn’t here now.

Understanding, that when you are ready, truly ready for what your Heart desires, greater than you can imagine, will be what you receive. Being ready to receive, is not the give me what I want way, of getting what you want. It is the Plan of your Soul, the design of you, that set all of this up, as the way, it is.

Enter deeply, within yourself, loving all aspects of your Being. As you love yourself more, you will know that every moment is perfect, and is always leading and guiding your awareness, into your living and Being Divine. The Limitless You. The you that receives the Love that is unconditional.

As the Sun always rises, you too, in your awareness, will enter into the Glory of your True Eternal Divine Self ~ Being, and you will know, All has Always been So.


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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